Pink Butcher Paper Roll | 18” x 25' BBQ Wrapping Paper Used For Texas Style Brisket And More | FDA & Direct Food Contact Approved | All Natural Meat Smoking Paper | USA Made

  • PERFECT TRIFECTA - Texas Style means a Caramelized Bark on the outside, Tender Meat on the inside and Delicious Smoked Flavor throughout. Our customers love their BBQ and deserve the finest quality pink butcher paper to turn their Texas Style BBQ dreams a reality.
  • FOOD CONTACT SAFE - Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper is produced under strict food safety and quality control conditions; made with FDA Approved virgin paper. In addition, our manufacturer receives Excellent ratings from expert and objective third party inspectors for food contact packaging facilities.
  • BUILT TOUGH - The last thing a BBQ enthusiast wants is their butcher paper falling apart while handling. Our trustworthy Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper maintains its physical integrity no matter how juicy the conditions.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Manufactured in the heart of the United States, BBQ Weekend Warriors and extraordinaires are our neighbors.
  • RUSTIC LOOK - For the BBQ enthusiast, taste is what matters most, but that doesn't mean presentation has to go out the window. Every Smoked BBQ meal that cooks for that long deserves an enticing presentation; either as a rustic table cover at a backyard BBQ or as a unique tray liner at a local BBQ joint. Meat Hugger's Pink (or Peach, depending on the person) Butcher Paper will elevate any occasion with its application.
Why Use Pink Butcher Paper For BBQ?Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper provides the ultimate trifecta every BBQ enthusiast wants in their slow cooked meats - TENDERNESS on the inside, CARAMELIZED BARK on the outside and DELICIOUS SMOKED FLAVOR throughout.Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper's balance in strength, moisture holdout and porous structure is perfect for "low and slow" cooking. Meat Hugger keeps the meat securely wrapped while the paper's porous structure allows excess steam to escape, preservin

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