Bearing Fruit that Lasts: Sermon on the Fruits of the Holy Ghost

An additional reason we need the Holy Ghost is simply because we are to bear fruit… Fruit that will last. Our Lord wants us to bear much fruit for the glory of the Father, but we cannot do it without God’s help… “without me you can do nothing.” St. Thomas tells us that “the fruits [of the Holy Ghost] may be gathered from the diverse processions in which the Holy Ghost proceeds in us.” Ah. Here it is. We need the Holy Ghost to PROCESS in us before we can bear fruit. This is why the Church has traditionally had various processions in the external forum. We process in the external forum as an outward sign of what we are to be doing in the internal… so that we will bear fruit. The Holy Ghost came upon Our Lady… He proceeded in her… to produce the Perfect fruit… the fruit of her womb, Jesus. He does this again at Pentecost to produce the fruit… the Church. She is the Mother of the Church. He wants to come and do the same in us. That is why Our Lord ascends into heaven… to send Him to us. For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

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