An Overview of Aspergers Syndrome

Fifty years ago, most people had never heard of autism spectrum disorder but today the diagnosis is much more common. With the increased diagnosis of autism, the general public has become more aware of its existence. With that has come more recognition of Aspergers syndrome.

Autism is considered to be a spectrum disorder because symptoms can range from debilitating to very high functioning. It is within the higher range of that spectrum that the diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome can be found. High function, however, is not to be confused with “normal” function. There are visible behaviors specific to the Aspergers disorder that can be quite crippling even if they are subtle to untrained observers.

Some patients with this diagnosis can look very normal to an uneducated eye but their behaviors can wreak havoc on their family unit.

The disorder manifests itself with symptoms affecting social interaction, which can look like the outbursts of a spoiled child. When the child has Aspergers in reality such tantrums represent the frustrations of a child unable to understand what is wrong or why he/she is struggling with exchanges between family or friends.

The symptoms of the disorder can be varied but usually include some type of social malfunctioning. Ranging from the inability to read the body language of others to seemingly self-absorbed idiosyncrasies, social interactions are deeply affected when behaviors are off putting and others don’t understand.  Yet, as a result of such interactions, the person with the disorder may be just as confused by the responses he/she receives, as those observing or involved.

Individuals afflicted, who have not had the benefit of intervention, can be emotionally crippled and unable to build or sustain social relationships. Such damage can leave a person unable to fit into the roles society expects. Unable to adapt in a socially acceptable manner can leave one depressed or defiant, with some untreated individuals resorting to drugs and/or crime.

Early intervention is imperative if such damage is to be avoided. Patients can be taught the necessary skills to function within the parameters of “normal.”  The earlier a child gets help the more likely he/she can be successful at fitting in and prospering.

In today’s society family, friends, and the afflicted individual can get help to deal with Aspergers Syndrome. It is no longer a sentence for maladjustment and ridicule. The key is to get educated about the disorder and to learn strategies that will bring peace to everyone involved.


Willow Marsden – People’s Perception of Asperger’s Syndrome

Hi guys, So this is just something that annoys me, so I thought I’d blog about it. -Willow xx
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My story living with Asperger's Part 3 Details from the book I'm writing

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Question by wayshower: How does Homeschooling work for parents of Asperger children? Where do you get your curriculum from?
I have a 10 yr old son with Asperger’s Syndrome, and have had several years of nothing but problems with the public school system. I have thought about homeschooling him for quite some time now, and I was wondering what experiences people have.

Best answer:

Answer by Steve
Here’s a great site to get you started. Follow the link

A few other helpful sites

And here’s a book you might wish to purchase

Good luck. I don’t envy your task.

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Asperger’s Syndrome – Understanding And Treatment

If you know of a child who is having a greater degree of language impairment than other children or has diminished communication skills and also exhibits a restrictive pattern of thought and behavior, he may have Asperger’s syndrome. This condition is more or less similar to that of classic autism. The main difference between autism and Asperger’s syndrome is that the child suffering from Asperger’s syndrome retains his early language skills.

The peculiar symptom of Asperger’s syndrome is a child’s obsessive interest in a single object or topic to the exclusion of any other. The child suffering from Asperger’s syndrome wants to know all about this one topic.

Sometimes their speech patterns and vocabulary may resemble that of a little professor. Other Asperger’s symptoms include the inability to interact successfully with peers, clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements, repetitive routines or rituals, socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior, and last, but not least, problems with non-verbal communication.

Asperger’s syndrome sufferers find difficulty mingling with the general public.

Even if they converse with others, they exhibit inappropriate and eccentric behavior. The Asperger’s syndrome patient may always want to talk about his singular interest.

Developmental delays in motor skills such as catching a ball, climbing outdoor play equipment or pedaling a bike may also appear in the child with Asperger’s syndrome. Children with Asperger’s syndrome often show a stilted or bouncy walk, which appears awkward.

The therapy for the Asperger’s syndrome mainly concentrates on three-core symptoms: physical clumsiness, obsessive or repetitive routines, and poor communication skills. It is unfortunate that there is no single treatment for the children suffering from the entire three-core symptoms. But professionals do agree that the syndrome can be cured when the intervention is carried out at the earliest possible time.

The treatment package of Asperger’s syndrome for children involves medication for co-existing conditions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social skills training. The Asperger’s syndrome treatment mainly helps to build on the child’s interests, teaches the task as a series of simple steps and offers a predictable schedule.

Although children suffering from Asperger’s syndrome can mange themselves with their disabilities, the personal relationships and social situations are challenging for them. In order to maintain an independent life, the Asperger’s syndrome sufferers require moral support and encouragement to work successfully in mainstream jobs.

Studies are on the way to discover the best treatment for Asperger’s syndrome, which includes the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify the abnormalities in the brain which causes malfunction of the same, which in turn result in Asperger’s syndrome. Clinical trials are being conducted to identify the effectiveness of an anti-depressant in Asperger’s syndrome individuals. Even the analysis of the DNA of the Asperger’s syndrome sufferers and their families may cause a break through in the treatment of the Asperger’s syndrome.

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Asperger’s Syndrome & Social Issues

Asperger's Syndrome & Social Issues

This is a video about Asperger’s Syndrome and issues with social interaction. It is told through my own personal experience having AS. This is the first video I have ever attempted, so I apologize if it’s disjointed in anyway. My ultimate hope is that the information will be beneficial to anyone seeking information on Asperger’s.
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Question by < #>: What is the difference between Asperger Syndrome and Asperger Disorder?
I was reading a book about people in history who could have AS. But the author says one person could have Asperger Disorder instead of Asperger Syndrome.

Best answer:

Answer by #1healthcareprovider
Asperger disorder is another name for Asperger syndrome-they are one in the same:

Asperger syndrome ( also called Asperger’s syndrome, Asperger’s disorder, Asperger’s or AS) is one of several autism spectrum disorders (ASD) characterized by difficulties in social interaction and by restricted, stereotyped interests and activities.
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Enrolling a Teenager with Aspergers Syndrome at a Therapeutic School

Article by Carolin Newmeyer

Aspergers syndrome is a disability that affects how a person relates to other people. People who have Aspergers may talk a lot about their hobbies but have problems in getting messages across other people or giving them a chance to talk. They may also have problems in understanding other people’s feelings or their body gestures. Overall, it can be said that people with Aspergers have impaired communication with other people.

Aspergers is also demonstrated when people like their habits to be stringently observed and organized. They like everything to be at the right schedule and can be seriously frustrated when it is done in the “wrong” manner. The results of Aspergers vary and can range from formalized behavior to aggressive and anti-social behavior.

Secondary school can be highly upsetting for students with Aspergers syndrome given the secondary school’s routine. Transferring classrooms and meeting new classmates and teachers can be extremely stressful for someone who likes everything to be “in place” or unchanging. A person who has Aspergers can also extend a lot of effort when speaking with others. While other students have better interpersonal relationship as they get older, people with Aspergers may find it tricky to maintain friendships.

A thesis by Petra Dewrang, a psychologist, investigates individuals with Aspergers from children between 14 and 18 years old. The thesis, which was based on interviews, self-evaluations and tests, found out that people afflicted with Aspergers were as comfortable as the comparison group. Although both Aspergers and comparison group established good relationships with their family, the former seems to have a difficult time building relationships outside the family sphere. With this, a therapeutic school can help people afflicted with Aspergers syndrome to gain more interpersonal skills, which permit them to relate with other people.

Hence, specialty schools such as an Aspergers school can help students get used to the school environment without much trauma. These schools have individualized programs that serve the needs of a person who struggles with a specific difficulty. For example, people with Aspergers can work with groups, such as clubs, that permit them to polish their hobbies. Although they are fascinated about a specific subject and have a difficult time keeping up with other subjects, personalized programs can help these adolescents concentrate on subjects where they are performing poorly.

Adolescents dealing with Aspergers can also experience burnout in terms of school work. Thus, facing homework can be even more daunting when they do not have colleagues to share it with. Therapeutic schools can work out with teachers to modify schoolwork for these students without actually lowering coursework quality. A school counselor can also help these students in developing positive attitudes in dealing with their interpersonal difficulties.

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