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Nutrition and Diabetes for Seniors
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How Seniors Can Alleviate Depression with Exercise

Article by Wendy Moyer

As the Baby Boomer generation approaches old age, more and more of them are trying to figure out what they can do to in order to continue enjoying a good life. Although many of them realized long ago that their health directly correlates to their happiness, finding time to exercise may not always have been a priority.

Now that many of them are retired, they are taking a new look at things that can positively impact their lives. However, having realizations and acting on them are two different things. Since so many baby boomers love instant gratification, asking them to take the necessary time-consuming steps to improve their health can be quite a challenge.

Nonetheless, many baby boomers now appreciate that focusing on improving their health is one of the things they will have to do in order to maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

Numerous studies have indicated that emotional stability can be better achieved through regular exercise. Consequently, it is not surprising that many senior citizens who seemingly couldn’t find the time to exercise earlier in their lives, are now finding that exercise actually helps to ease feelings of depression and anxiety.

It is generally believed that in order to achieve optimum health, seniors should focus on three different types of exercise: cardio, endurance, and strength.

These three types of exercise target different needs and they should all be included in any workout program.

Incorporating cardiovascular exercises into a workout promotes heart health, while endurance exercises are believed to increase the flow of blood throughout your body. If this is true then these types of exercises may help to protect you from cardiac injury should you have a heart attack.

Strength exercises have been known to increase metabolism and muscle mass. Both are factors that can help you to maintain a healthy weight (one of the challenges that many seniors face.)

If you add balance and stretching exercises to your routine, you will enjoy all the benefits that a complete workout can provide.

Amazingly, exercise not only has a positive effect on your joints, muscles and bones, but literally provides a workout for your brain as well.

People who regularly exercise find that their memory gets better, as does their mental acuity.

Any way you cut it, senior exercise is meant to make you feel happy and positive. Who knows? It might even make you smarter.

Of course, at any age, you should always consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. The best of intentions can still cause unexpected injury or pain and even the healthiest of people can find misfortune.

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Possible Activities For Seniors At Assisted Living Retirement Homes

Article by Robert T. Jones

You will find numerous kinds and varieties of activities for seniors that assisted living retirement houses can and ought to offer. A wide range of activities are important for seniors in terms of socializing, well being and fitness, and enjoyment of life.

Advantages of a Wide Range of Activities for Seniors

All senior citizens need the option of a wide selection of activities in their lives, and those living in an assisted living retirement home are no exception.

Seniors need activities that treat them each as individuals with wide-ranging tastes and interests and differing strengths and skills, and as a group that has very specific interests and requirements (especially when it comes to well being care).

Programs and activities ought to improve socialization, aid physical fitness, and encourage seniors to be creative and enjoy life.

Senior Activity Categories

Activities for seniors may be broadly grouped into four categories: social interaction and recreation, education and culture, creative pursuits, and health and fitness.

Within these categories are activities that work for all seniors, and activities that are particular to seniors who may be chair-bound or have other difficulties. Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia need activities that are particularly tailored to them.

Activities that target one or all of these categories enable seniors to socialize, improve and preserve health, and enjoy an active, varied and interesting life. A facility that strives to provide as numerous choices as feasible inside these broad categories really serves the seniors who’ve selected to live there.

Social Interaction and Recreation

This category can consist of a movie night (complete with popcorn!); karaoke and sing-a-longs; bingo; a monthly Red Hat Society tea for the ladies; card or game rooms; puzzle tables; clubs for bridge, cribbage, gin-rummy, poker, checkers and chess, as well as Monopoly, using the choice for tournaments.

Other choices consist of: ice-cream socials, dances (with line and square dancing or ballroom dancing), a fashion show; holiday celebrations, and monthly birthday parties. A drama society, chorus, cabaret night, and poetry readings are also outstanding activities.

Education and Culture

Educational and cultural activities can include: present events discussions; book clubs; stamp clubs; a “History Project,” where residents share personal remembrances of historic events; bible studies for all those interested; a movie club; and classes and lectures in numerous fields of interest. (Note: seniors are often qualified and appreciate teaching other seniors).

Field trips to museums, nature exhibits and locations of historic interest can be arranged. Theater and concerts can be provided either in-residence or as a field trip.

Also, a number of educational trips are provided and sponsored by Elder Hostel.

Creative Pursuits

Creativity is important. Arts and crafts may be offered (including painting in water colors, oils and acrylics; drawing in pen and ink; and projects in soft sculpture for seniors, decoupage and wood-working).

Other choices are sewing, knitting, embroidery and quilting circles; a gardening society; beading classes; flower arranging or Ikibana groups; holiday decoration projects; creative writing sessions; and scrap-booking, model-making and photo clubs.

Craft fairs permit seniors to display what they produce, frequently in tandem with other assisted living facilities.

Well being and Fitness

Health and fitness might be listed last, however it definitely is not least important. Besides getting a general fitness center on-site, a great facility can offer Tai Chi classes, modified yoga, aerobics and water aerobics, weight training, dance classes, chair exercises, memory games and coordination exercises, and nutrition and well being seminars.

Other options are an indoor putting green; billiards or pool to aid hand/eye coordination; bocce ball, shuffleboard and croquet; table tennis; and balloon tennis for those who are chair-bound.

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Mooching seniors feeding from public trough don’t care about cost

Clip from PBS Nightly Business Report discusses older Americans refusal to accept even the moderate adjustments to Social Security and Medicare. Medicare and Politics Tuesday, May 03, 2011 GHARIB: For the first time, new census data show Americans 45 and older are a majority of the voting-age population. That could pose a problem for politicians looking to cut back Medicare and other benefits for seniors. But tonight’s commentator thinks lawmakers need to stand firm. She’s Maya Macguineas, director of the fiscal policy program at the New America Foundation. MAYA MACGUINEAS, DIR. FISCAL POLICY PRGM., NEW AMERICA FOUND.: I am going to get a lot of hate mail for this one, but here I go — we have to stop pandering to seniors. The headlines this week screamed, Ryan budget puts seniors in play, referring to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget that would overhaul Medicare. Democrats are gleefully contemplating how to turn this into a campaign message extraordinaire and the competition to woo seniors will be fierce this next election. But here is the problem– we already spend the largest share of our budget on seniors. The major programs, Social Security and Medicare, are squeezing out other important priorities and they have been for years. And as a result, we are shortchanging investments in the economy and, importantly, in children. If we want the economy to be strong for the next generation, we have to make major structural changes to the budget


East Texas Food Bank – “Seniors” :30 PSA

East Texas Food Bank -

1 in 7 seniors in East Texas is at risk of hunger. Your donation of food, time or money is needed to ensure these seniors have the nutritious meals they need. Give today and help us “fight hunger” and “feed hope”.


Seniors Support for Caregivers, Elderly Person, Home Care Option & Nursing Homes – We all know of an elderly person who is still quite active, but may require some assistance with their activities of daily living. In the section called Home Care Options, I will discuss the many resources available to enable you or your loved-one remain at home with the aid of some assistance. Living at home may no longer be an option due to significant loss of autonomy. Are you aware of all the types of retirement homes? The section called Nursing Homes will explain the different types of living environments best suited to the individual’s level of functioning.

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