EXTREME Pre Contest Nutrition. NOT for non competitive bodybulders!!

EXTREME Pre Contest Nutrition. NOT for non competitive bodybulders!!

WARNING. This guide is for short term use and is similar to the last 10-16 weeks of a competition diet. It IS a bodybvuilding diet, NOT like every other YouTube video that says bodybuilding nutrition. Be sure to input YOUR bodyweight in the nutrition table spoke of in the video!! And remember this is what worked for me for years. It may or may not work for you. Try it out, tweak it, and make it your own!!


Prenatal Nutrition

 Good nutrition is an essential during pregnancy as your baby’s health is dependent on it. Thus a healthy pregnancy diet is the key to a healthy pregnancy. The food consumed during pregnancy is directly related to the health and growth of baby. This is so because all the nutrients required for baby’s growth is derived from the food supplements taken by the mother. Research has proven that nutrition in early pregnancy has a direct impact on the susceptibility to chronic degenerative disease in later life. The Indian Council of Medical Research advises a prenatal nutrition that aids in contributing to the essential nutrients for you and fetal development.

There is tremendous change in the nutritional needs of the body during pregnancy as a result of change in body and fetus development. In the first three months the main nutrients of importance are folic acid, vitamin B12 and zinc.

While during the second and third month the key nutrients are protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, B group vitamins and a fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

There is need for an extra 300kcals per day during pregnancy to meet the growing needs of the body and to provide sufficient nutrition for the growing baby. It is not advisable to control calories and carbohydrate. This could be detrimental to the growth of baby. Curbing your diet can also result in low birth weight and babies having health and growth problems.

Protein is an important nutrient contributing to muscle strength, breasts, uterus and bay tissues. It also enhances blood supply. During pregnancy an average of 65 g of protein is needed. Both lower and higher protein levels are detrimental during pregnancy. Food having a good protein composition is egg, pulses, meat products fish and cereals.

Fat requirement in the daily diet during pregnancy is 40g which is equivalent to 5 teaspoonfuls of oil. One needs 300 mg/day of DHA during pregnancy. Omega-3 fatty acid is an important category of fat during pregnancy contributing to the brain development and vision of the growing baby.

Vitamins and minerals like folic acid is essential to build tissues and for overall development of red blood cells. Green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, bread, beans and nuts are significant sources of folic acid. Vitamin B12 helps in the healthy development of brain and nervous system of the baby. Iron is another essential nutrient which regulates blood flow between the baby and mother.

Calcium is needed for strengthening the bones of the baby. A daily intake of 1000 mg per day during pregnancy should suffice. Rich source of calcium are milk, cottage cheese, cheese, green leafy vegetables and fish.

Fiber and fluids are significant to stay away from common pregnancy problems like constipation and piles. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetable, whole meal bread and cereals and brown rice improves your fiber intake. There are situations when the body does not get sufficient nutrition due problems like nausea and vomiting, heart burn, constipation, food aversion and some others. Doctors recommend intake of nutrient supplements to cope up with the lack of them. Thus a balanced pregnancy diet comprising all the important nutrients is essential for a healthy mother and baby.

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How Much Protein? Fitness Nutrition

Dr. Perry teaches how to determine optimum amounts of protein for gaining lean muscle and buring bodyfat. How much is enough? Base it on total calories and percentages. Learn the formula and stop guessing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


An Introduction to Paleo Nutrition & High Intensity Training [Full Length]

An Introduction to Paleo Nutrition & High Intensity Training [Full Length]

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#12.2 Why Proper Nutrition is Important for Seniors

#12.2 Why Proper Nutrition is Important for Seniors

It seems like every time you turn on the TV, read a newspaper or click on a website, there is some new study giving us a whole new set of rules to eat by. Even for middle-age adults, knowing what and when you can eat can be confusing. As our parents age, there are a number of possible changes that take place that can making eating less enjoyable, reduce their appetites and even make the act of cooking a meal feel more like a task than a “feel good” situation. Watch this video and the entire “Nutrition for Seniors” series on CaregiverStress.com: www.caregiverstress.com
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Diet supplements and nutrition facts continue to be on the minds of most people

Article by Mark Swierbinski

Diet supplements and nutrition facts continue to be on the minds of most people as we continue to search for weight loss answers.

With 33 billion dollars being spent annually by Americans on diet supplements, food nutrition and herbal diet supplements, you would think that most Americans would be skinny. It would only make sense, right. It doesn’t seem to be the case. Although there are a great number of companies that focus on food nutrition, nutrition facts, and meal planning, what most companies forget to focus on is filling in gaps nutritionally in one’s diet, most people do not stay with these programs because nutritionally no one can eat a perfect meal every time, and if you did for six months, you’d be ready to jump out a six story window to get to the ice cream truck down in the street.

Let me ask you a question. Do you take vitamins? If you do, how do they make you feel? If your answer is what do you mean, how do they make me feel? Well if you don’t feel anything from the vitamins you’re taking how you do know if they’re working. Do you get and extra energy or sense of well- being or maintained health nutritional eating patterns from taking them. If no, why are you taking them?

Top rated vitamins and supplements will fill in the gaps in your daily diet and nutritionally you will pick and eat the right foods all on your own. I know sound crazy right. But it does work. It’s not crazy. When those healthy nutrition gaps are filled correctly, the weight comes off. Bottom line!

What about the over the counter vitamins I buy at the supermarket. I won’t go into why these products are inferior; I’ll Just say one word “PROFITS” It’s about how we can make the cheapest products purchasing the cheapest ingredients in the market place today Thats what you get over the counter.

I know you thinking, here comes the pitch. No pitch here, just the facts! This company has more doctors and research scientist, and over 270 combine experience in food nutrition, sports nutrition and health and wellness field. They have become experts filling in the gaps nutritionally the success stories are real and speak for themselves, more importantly, our clients have kept the weight off for years, continue to do so. We HIGHLY recommend the vitamins, and energy drink, (Oh by the way was formulated 15 years ago before the energy drink market even existed.) There sport lines of products are use by 300 World-Class athletes from MLB.NFL, NHL, and Olympics competitors. And yes there is a difference in what you get and whom you get it from. Why settle for anything less. See what works!

Nutrition Gaps Filled !

We would love to hear form you and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us: Mark SwierbinskiP.O. Box 506 Montgomery, IL 60538630 978-3456info@hittowin.com

World-Class Nutrition Fills The Gaps,!

My name is Mark Swierbinski; I have work in the Baseball, Softball and nutrition industry for 6 years. I am currently working on a two certification,one in personal training and the second in strength and conditioning. All training is approached utilizing the “No Picnic” approach. Practice, Instruction, Conditioning, Nutrition, Inspiration, (builds a) Champion.

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