Connections From Hallmark Stainless Steel Heart Bangle Bracelet

Connections From Hallmark Stainless Steel Heart Bangle Bracelet

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Mooching seniors feeding from public trough don’t care about cost

Clip from PBS Nightly Business Report discusses older Americans refusal to accept even the moderate adjustments to Social Security and Medicare. Medicare and Politics Tuesday, May 03, 2011 GHARIB: For the first time, new census data show Americans 45 and older are a majority of the voting-age population. That could pose a problem for politicians looking to cut back Medicare and other benefits for seniors. But tonight’s commentator thinks lawmakers need to stand firm. She’s Maya Macguineas, director of the fiscal policy program at the New America Foundation. MAYA MACGUINEAS, DIR. FISCAL POLICY PRGM., NEW AMERICA FOUND.: I am going to get a lot of hate mail for this one, but here I go — we have to stop pandering to seniors. The headlines this week screamed, Ryan budget puts seniors in play, referring to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget that would overhaul Medicare. Democrats are gleefully contemplating how to turn this into a campaign message extraordinaire and the competition to woo seniors will be fierce this next election. But here is the problem– we already spend the largest share of our budget on seniors. The major programs, Social Security and Medicare, are squeezing out other important priorities and they have been for years. And as a result, we are shortchanging investments in the economy and, importantly, in children. If we want the economy to be strong for the next generation, we have to make major structural changes to the budget


A Third Party Review Of SoZo From Someone Who Didn’t Join

Article by Frank Caparso

In this SoZo review, I am going to give you a closer look into the company, their products, comp plan, and how you can be successful with a company like Sozo. There is a good chance that you are here right now because you are on the fence about joining SoZo. If that’s the case, make sure you read this whole article before you decide whether or not this company is for you.

I would also like you to know that I am NOT a SoZo distributor, nor am I affilaited with the company in any way. So just know that you are getting an honest, third party review of the company.

SoZo History

Let’s start by getting to know a little more about the company itself. Why? Because no matter how great the company’s products may be, they won’t mean anything if the company doesn’t have the right people behind it.

SoZo was launched in late 2009 by three men, Mark Adams, Larry Cantrell, and Bryan Thayer. They are a health & wellness company that markets a nutritional beverage and they are located in Henderson, NV. These three guys are very well known for all of their success in the network marketing industry.

SoZo is still a newer company but they have the right leadership behind them to be very successful.

The SoZo Product Line

SoZo offers three main products. SoZo uses a special ingredient in their products called Coffeeberry, and they are the only company that uses this special ingredient. The product that there are most well known for is their SoZo Functional Beverage. As one of the most comprehensive health beverages you can find on the market, SoZo Functional Beverage comes packed with over 21 services of both fruits and vegtables.

The company also offers an energy drink called SoZo Ignite Drink. It is an all natural energy drink and unlike most energy drinks theirs comes with no perservatives. To date, it is the only ready-to-serve energy drink with the proprietary Coffeeberry whole coffee fruit technology.

The third product SoZo offers is their Select Gourmet Coffee. SoZo is the only company that captures Coffeeberry’s high ORAC goodness in a healthy drink. SoZo is able to do this because the preserve the nutrution of the entire coffee fruit. At this time, every other coffee company in the world disposes of the coffee fruit, except SoZo.I usually drink coffee every morning when I’m writing and doing reviews and I wouldn’t mind trying SoZo’s coffee just to see what it taste like.

How To Make Money With SoZo

To get started with SoZo you will need to purchase your initail order plus keep up with your monthly auto-ship. There are many different ways to make money as a SoZo distributor. You can earn retail commissions and bonuses which allow you to generate immediate income. You can also earn residual back-end commissions from your teams productivity.

Is SoZo A Solid Business Opportunity?

After doing extensive research and putting this review together, SoZo looks to be a solid company and business opportunity. They have an unique product, an unique marketing position, and the right leadership behind them. However, at the end of the day, to be successful with SoZo you are going to have to know how to market your business and generate a steady stream of leads.

To do this effectively, I would incorporate an attraction marketing system into your business to brand yourself as a leader and generate leads online. If you can do that, combined with the power and leverage of the Internet, you can go very far with your SoZo business.

Success in this industry requires a working knowledge of both personal branding and lead generation, aka – attraction marketing. This is how the top producers in the industry build their businesses, and it’s the same way I build my business. Learn to adopt this concept into your SoZo business and watch your income grow.

Having a working knowledge of both personal branding and lead generation, aka attraction marketing, is crucial to your success in this industry. Learn how to build your business online and offline by leveraging the power of Attraction Marketing.Additional online training to help you build a successful SoZo business is available with Frank Caparso.

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Manage to Get your Tuition Fees from Sports Scholarships

Article by Beth V. Walker

Now in the era of competition, going to college is really an expensive attempt. Actually, the costs of tuition, food, rent, books and spending money add up quicker than we would like. Apart from that, there are lots of thing you have to make up during college education. It seems that during senior year of high school, everyone is talking about full ride scholarships or scholarships that paid for all their textbooks.

Most of the people when hear about the sports scholarships, they automatically think of a Big Steve. All star captain of the football team, or smart Susie, the girl who never missed a day of school or an answer on a test. While there are scholarships for the academically elite, there are also many advantages for financial rewards for those of us who did not make into the top one percent.

Actually the determining factors to whether or not you do deserve it very greatly. The basic reason for this variance is that there are thousands of sponsors out there who award scholarships based on their own criteria. Sometimes athletic scholarships may be awarded from private institutions.

Receiving sports scholarships for education and being capable to graduate with a degree is not only something which a lot of people wish to have, but it can also help you secure a much brighter future for yourself. But the thing is that, how do you go about getting a scholarship in the first place?

Getting sports scholarships is really a daunting task. For the financially stable, all they need to is to find a college or university of their choice, enroll in it, and agree to pay off the yearly tuition fees. Basically it seems really easy for them, but what about for those who are not as fortune?

So these people can still get an education through sports scholarship. This is such type of scholarship through which you can carry on your education. And the importance thing is that, you need not to pay the amount to the authority. Now most of the colleges and universities looking for those people who have the capabilities of getting sports scholarships. Truly speaking, it is a way to help the needy student athlete. This reward will help them to build their future growth.

Nowadays, the most common way to getting athletic scholarships is sports or athletic performance. This is usually offered to students who excel in their chosen sports and perform well for their high school teams. Actually, good performance is really necessary for a student athlete. Now many universities offer them scholarships in exchange for them for using their talents to help the school win. This is really true that every student not grows up to be a gifted athlete. So these people are not required to join any sports team or special club in order for them to keep their scholarship. All they need to do is to maintain good grades throughout their stay in the school.

Connect2CollegeCoaches teaches you how to market your athletic and academic skills to coaches that can offer you sports scholarships for college. We offer different student-athlete guidebook that is ideal for those families with freshman and sophomores in high school who are serious about having athletic scholarships money play a role in their college funding strategy.


Intermediary to make money from the mouth on food – food intermediaries, venture projects – Food Ind

Article by jekky

In this focus on food and food culture of the times to make money from people 39 s mouths is a lot of opportunities but do not have to spend exorbitant rents opening a restaurant facade there is a brilliant idea to make money is that you can for those who wish to have suffered at home delicious or entertaining clients friends and relatives of the guests cooking food services quot Food broker quot company the name suggests is to provide a cooking intermediary services will be pregnant with The skilled cooking skills together to provide temporary services for the guests So that they can be calm at home hospitality tasted food Course not you cook you may contact some good skill people not necessarily professional chefs such as the retirement of cooking enthusiasts cooks housewives hanging around the house or to make Western style dishes who recruited them up according to their expertise into the computer such as Chinese food class Western snacks it can refine them such as Chinese food category can be divided into Hunan Hangbang Cai Sichuan etc Once guests make tastes you can quickly send the part time basis according to their expertise in master site services Part time professional instructors regardless of age sex only to have two common characteristics namely love cooking there is a strong desire to show their skills Second a technology in itself is not difficult but to characteristics of high demand can burn a few dishes or produce fancy Western cuisine Chinese food is best or their family have strong local characteristics and Western classes to be refined and delicious western food for guests some type of eating habits and rituals Good publicity can not be separated successfully with local newspapers and television stations to engage in the food section is combined with the family cooking related activities such as quot The skilled civil cooking contest quot quot good competitive private kitchens quot so winners can be employed as consultants or high kitchen which is good for improving the company profile and will come here especially to attract a lot of food lovers In addition to residential or residential property in a number of distribution of some sensational advertising the service mode fees etc indicate to customers at a glance Company can be charged at the implementation of part time or full inclusive fee is charged hourly fees according to time as the other party to provide raw materials cooking teacher is only responsible for firing then three hours in the cooking to be received by the processing fee 100 yuan The three part time skilled craftsmen completely burn out the table to entertain 78 guests dish vegetables raw material price plus processing fee to the dinner of the club is still very cost effective taste better than the hotel is poor but prices much cheaper prices in the hotel drinks at least it will be found in many provinces and the banquet do not have a family friendly and casual Zan warm atmosphere subject and object yourself some flowers can view fish meal or karaoke and other entertainment activities All inclusive fee could include valet procurement of materials such as the guests are given a standard dish channel number with taste and halo factors by the company upon request by the master of time came up with a dish for delicious dishes to the table Company can clean vegetables with some companies aquatic meat company to establish long term contact with the most favorable price to purchase the freshest quality raw materials This all inclusive fee is very convenient to the patrons food to buy fire stop service host and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves just to chat no need to treat the complicated lot of trouble For instance patrons would like to invite five friends to eat at home the standard is 300 yuan or so to six dirty four elements four cold soup a staple food then the master about the deductible of about 100 man service fees and the remainder to buy with all the standard 200 dollars to buy food fully prepared to table their best dishes Western cuisine cooking services can attract customers to the company a bright spot Elegant simplicity is more and more Western with its more popular cold salad tomato sauce noodle cream of mushroom soup roast beef curry rice summer Tsai Custard Cookies Western style meal for you Tim has served more guests Different customs coupled with an appetizer of red wine afternoon tea coffee square table cloth bottled water fresh flowers blues music you and your friends will easily spend a romantic afternoon And Western cuisine is not as mysterious as you think more and more young food lovers from TV fashion publications in learned Western style cooking meals doing part time cooking can not only earn extra money but also by cooking services Love can be given to a number of Western friends Way the company itself profits earned through the intermediary fees 30 commission if a single business day if sent 12 instructors for the 12 family service lunch and dinner all six each families each teacher 39 s average income is 100 yuan the company had 30 per intermediary fee 12 or 360 dollars so there are over million of revenue per month excluding rent artificial water expenses profit margins much HC Food Industry Network Tip business risk the project should be carefully compared to the visit

I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as China Tdm Over Ethernet , China TDM over IP, ,and more.

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