Healthy Seniors Strength Chair Exercise Program with two resistance bands, handles and printed exercise guide- includes video exercises. Ideal for rehab or physical therapy. Perfect gift for elderly.

  • CHAIR EXERCISES SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR SENIORS: the box contains a printed 18 pages guide with detailed instructions, suitable even for absolute beginners. The exercises are developed by a physical therapist specially for the needs of seniors in order to improve flexibility, stability, muscle and bone strength. All of the exercises are done sitting on a chair, no standing or lying down on the floor.
  • LOW and MEDIUM RESISTANCE BANDS plus a PAIR OF HANDLES INCLUDED: the low resistance green exercise bands is perfect for beginners. As you start gaining strength, you can use the medium resistance yellow band. The bands are 5 ft long and they are made from 100% natural latex imported from Malaysia.
  • VIDEO EXERCISES INCLUDED: after purchasing the product you will receive an email with links to see all the exercises performed. You can use the video together with the written instructions in the booklet to make sure you're doing the exercises right.
  • MULTIPLE USES: while these resistance bands are perfect for a home routine exercise, they can also be used as rehab bands in physical therapy. Our stretch bands work for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and help in stroke rehabilitation or recovery after knee or hip replacement. The bands are also great for Pilates or yoga - work at your own pace, in the privacy of your home, as you would with a chair gym!
  • PERFECT GIFTS FOR ELDERLY PARENTS: maintaining senior wellness is an important part of the healthy aging process and physical exercises play an important role. Done regularly, exercises prevent heart diseases, diabetes or osteoporosis, improve balance and can also reduce pain associated with arthritis, sciatica or back pain. And these bands make regular exercises so much easier!
An active lifestyle is especially important as we grow old: by doing core exercises, improving balance and strength, doing stretch exercises to improve flexibility older adults can stay healthier longer.

What happens to our body as we age?
- Muscle mass decreases: we lose up to 15% of our lean muscle mass, which contributes to a lower metabolic rate as we get older.
- Balance decreases resulting in falls that can lead to fractures: more than one-third of people over the age of

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