Exercise for seniors: SENIOR EXERCISE DVD + RESISTANCE BAND. All exercises are shown standing and seated! Senior workout video helps you get stronger, core & abs, aerobic heart health, coordination

  • EASY TO FOLLOW AND FUN TO DO: this senior exercise DVD is easy to follow and fun to do. Curtis Adams, host keeps these exercise routines for seniors exciting. Whether you choose to do chair exercises or standing you are guaranteed to have fun. This is NOT like other boring senior citizen workouts or elderly exercise videos with older exercise that tell you to... lift your arm, turn your wrist. This senior exercise program will have you excited to do it again and again.
  • ALL EXERCISES ARE DEMONSTRATED AS SEATED EXERCISE & STANDING EXERCISE: in this workout video for seniors you will see both seated exercises & standing exercises for every move so you choose which you prefer to do. Typically, 1 person is sitting throughout the entire senior exercise program while 2 others are standing, so one person is doing chair exercises while the others are sanding which make it easy to follow along. That makes it perfect for any skill level from beginners to more advanced.
  • INCLUDES RESISTANCE BAND: this senior exercise program includes a resistance band created specifically for senior citizens. It is longer with lighter resistance than most workout bands which makes it perfect for seniors doing exercises. With the fitness band, you can now follow along and participate with Curtis Adams doing strengthening exercises. This band will provide resistance to help build strength which is perfect for chair exercises or standing.
  • INCLUDES BALANCE WORKOUT on SENIOR EXERCISE DVD: this senior exercise super pack includes balance workouts at the end of the Vitality DVD and Strength Training, Core, Coordination, Cardio DVDS to increase balance to help reduce falls. Balance exercises are so important, but they are often difficult to find in most seated exercise DVDs. This balance DVD for seniors allows you to select a new short balance workout every day. Research suggests that doing balance exercises helps reduce falls.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING, CORE, COORDINATION, CARDIO WHAT'S INSIDE: This senior exercise DVD is perfect for beginners through advanced skill levels this is why: it grows with you as you make progress, you may begin by doing it seated with no resistance and as you get stronger and more endurance, gradually do more exercises standing with the included resistance band. This exercise video for seniors will be your go to for years to come.
Exciting exercise program for seniors- fun fitness for seniors. Exercises are demonstrated both standing and seated. Easy to follow workout with a blend of cardiovascular (heart health), strength training, core, and coordination (to increase balance and prevent falls). Exercise has been proven to help regain energy, boost stamina and endurance, improve hearth health, increase strength, and feel younger! This is not a boring senior citizen workout with older exercise for elderly, it is fun to do

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Flexible Seniors - 2 DVD Set with 3 Complete Workouts, Chair Exercises, Beginners Workout, Stretch Workout, Cardio Workout to Lose Weight, Build Muscles & Strengthen Bones

  • Look And Feel Better With More Strength And Flexibility!
  • Get moving with the 3 complete workouts and chair exercises on this 2-disc set!
  • Energizing programs help you regain or maintain flexibility, increase functionality, lose weight, build muscle, strengthen bones, and more.
  • Includes workouts for beginners, strength training, and cardio with safe and effective exercises for standing or sitting, all set to fun big-band and swing music.
  • Approx. 82 mins.
Flexible Seniors by Master Trainers and Fitness Consultants Joy Prouty and Josie Gardiner. Whether your goal is to regain or maintain flexibility, increase functionality, lose weight, build muscle, strengthen bones or just look and feel better, these easy-to-follow exercises created by award-winning instructors Joy Prouty and Josie Gardiner will help you improve your sense of well being. Seated or standing, Joy and Josie will get you moving to safe and effective exercise all set to fun Big Band

List Price: $ 19.95 Price: $ 11.17


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