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Unfortunately, there are several obstacles that seem to get in the way of seniors travel insurance. This is a shame because it is such an important piece to any senior that plans on taking a trip. Any traveler should do the proper research and look into acquiring a solid policy for their trip, but this is especially the case for those travelers of an older age.

Seniors, those who seek travel insurance over 65 years of age are generally ranked as the largest group of travelers and international travelers as compared to any other age group. Yet, even as the biggest demographic of overseas travelers they are often the group who is discriminated against the most when it comes to trying to attain insurance policies. But why is this the case?

There are a few reasons and excuses that insurance companies blame as to why they have difficulty offering seniors travel insurance.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Many seniors find themselves with health conditions. Those that have any pre-existing medical conditions have an increased percentage of those medical conditions causing problems during their voyage. Insurance companies use this excuse as saying risks are too high to offer coverage.



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