Arthritis Publications

Arthritis Publications


How To Beat Arthritis & Back Pain

Arthritis pain can be beaten without using dangerous painkilling drugs.


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Fitness and exercise for senior citizen

Fitness and exercise for senior citizen

Fitness and exercise are not only for children and young people. Senior citizen can gain a lot of benefits from becoming occupied in a regular program advancing fitness and exercise, and many senior citizen are doing so. practically more senior citizen are taking fitness and exercise sincerely now than in previous times.

Mall walking is a common fitness and exercise action for senior citizen. Quick walking is one of the best forms of exercise senior citizen can do for themselves. Shopping malls offer steady temperature and protection from the outside weather. If it is snowing or raining outside, you can still walk in the mall, getting all the benefits of a fitness and exercise program without having to brave unpleasant weather.

Swimming is another accepted fitness and exercise method many senior citizen get pleasure from . Swimming exercises every muscle in the body, but does not cause pain on the knees and joints. While many senior citizen enjoy swimming laps, others have incorporated water based aerobics into their fitness and exercise programs, with big results.

The baby boom generation of Americans is not getting younger, with many baby boomers now getting to the retirement age. This generation though is unlike the preceding generations. Baby boomers tend to live longer, and are more worried about health. More baby boomers watch their diets, try to watch their weight and make fitness and exercise a usual part of their lives than older Americans have in past generations. Add to that the progress made in medical treatments and these senior citizen can expect to live for a lot more years to come. Fitness and exercise will carry on to play a major role in their lives.

Naturally, fitness and exercise are not the only issue to be worried with. Diet too plays a part. A high fiber diet, with the majority carbohydrates coming from whole grains and protein coming from more lean parts of meat to minimize fat in addition contribute to health. When right diet and fitness and exercise are linked , the result ( frequently) , is a healthy person, no matter what the age. Combining fitness and exercise with correct nutrition is a winning situation for each one involved.

The author is the owner of the article fitnes and exercise for senior citizen .
The author is retired From a communication company , and enjoyes writing articles.For more information on help to seniors , visit the web site



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Fast diet

Do you wish for all-natural, fast diet pills with real results?

United Colours of Besarabskiy Market
You probably would say “yes”. Granted, no matter how far back in time we go, there were always overweight people. However, the numbers have been rising steadily for the past 60 years with the steepest climb taking place within the last 30 years. During this short period of time, the number of overweight Americans has gone from 1 in 8 to almost 1 in 2. This dramatic four fold increase accounts for the more than 100 million Americans who are now overweight.

The majority of us who are overweight have struggled with this for much of our lives. This is not something new. It is not because we are lazy or weak. It is because you have not used the right dieting strategy yet.

You shouldn’t be dependent on fast diet pills because they tend to be more fairy tale than reality. If fast diet pills really exists, we would live in a much, more (no pun intended) “skinner” world. Perhaps, in the near future, the cure for obesity will be discovered and cure the millions of overweight and obese individuals across the world.

Meanwhile, we must make-do with the diet strategies we have to resolve other weight issues and avert any chronic life-threatening conditions that would occur if we gain more weight than we can handle. The simplest solution at the moment is to eat properly , exercise more and more importantly, don’t try any diet solution unless it’s thoroughly planned and thought out by your doctor and/or dietitian.

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Nutrition – RevUp31 with the Amazing Resveratrol




RevUp31 with the Amazing Resveratrol is Here.

RevUp31 – The Future of optimal health, body DNA defense, anti-Aging with Resveratrol.

Rev Up your own longeevity gene, look and feel younger. Learn more about Resveratrol from 60 Minutes, ABC News, NBC News, CNN, Web MD, Fox News, live interviews.
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Read more about …”Did you know that you have an anti-aging gene in your body? Amazing isn’t it! Doctors refer to it as Gene 31 (hence the RevUp31 name!). But unfortunately for us all, Gene 31 is not very active in our bodies. The fortunate news is, it CAN be activated!”
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Senior Health – Making Sure Seniors Are Protected

Hass Mohammed asked:

Senior health is far more volatile than most of us would like to admit.  Whether you are a senior citizen yourself or you have one you want to take care of, finding proper protection in old age is vitally important to the protection of life in general.

The easiest way to get protection is to find a health insurance plan that will accommodate all of the senior’s needs and more. The information below will show you how to go about doing that so you can make sure your health or the health of someone you love is protected at all times.

One of the first things you need to think about as a senior is what you will likely need the senior health insurance for.  Some policyholders need their plans to cover doctor’s visits extensively, emergencies, and others need to get good deals on prescription drugs.



Assess your needs so that you may be able to find a policy that is most fitting for them. Chances are you will opt for some kind of Medicare plan. When you do, you can look into supplemental insurance plans to cover those special needs.  You should be able to setup an affordable insurance plan that works for you.

When you have an idea of the kind of plan you want to get, the next thing you need to do is generate some quotes online so you can see how much money you may have to pay.  Then you can get the policy right there so that you are protected as soon as possible.

You can change supplement plans or even insurance companies if you find a better deal out there. Just make sure you check everything before you sign up so that you know you are getting the coverage you need.

Senior health may be a little more fragile than the health of younger generations, but that does not make it harder to insure.  There are plenty of insurance providers out there that are willing to work with seniors, even those on a fixed budget.

You should never assume that you are out of options for your insurance plan because there is always a new one out there to take into consideration. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a plan that is tailor fit to your needs.  You can reap the benefits of your protection after that.





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Resveratrol is cool

Michael Jozefiak asked:

RESVERATROL is the latest ‘cool’ discovery in a growing list
of natural antioxidant chemicals produced by our indispensable
neighbours on this planet, plants. Let’s hear it for the plants! When will
we learn that one cannot beat Nature’s systems, evolved over billions of
years, when it comes to fighting disease. Everything wants to be at the
top of the evolutionary pile, to guarantee survival of the species and
survival requires combat, in one way or another.

When humans are well nourished, both physically and spiritually (and I
don’t necessarily mean religion), we can survive most attacks from
invading micro-organisms, but when we are run down we seem to
succumb easily.



And so too with plants. Resveratrol in the grape (Vitis vinifera) is
found in the roots, seeds & stalks but much higher concentrations are
found in the skin of the grape, which protects it against fungal and
micro-organism attacks. Resveratrol is found in much higher quantities in
red wine than in white, due to there being not much if it in the white skins,
which are discarded before vinification; I wonder whether Bacchus
preferred red or white wine?! Maybe he didn’t care!


Other food sources of resveratrol include peanuts and mulberries and it
is found in quite large amounts in the dried roots & stems of the
Japanese Knotweed (Poligonium cuspidatum), obtainable mainly
through health stores. The Japanese Knotweed is commonly used, in
traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, as a tonic for the circulation.

Peanuts contain around 1 micrograms per gram and red grapes about 80
but a glass of red wine storms into the lead with a whopping 600-700
micrograms! That should expunge any guilt next time you visit your wine
shop! “Just following doctor’s orders”!



In fact, the relatively high wine intake amongst the French seems to
reduce incidences of cardiac disease, despite their love of good food.
Though this French Paradox seems to have some admirable health
benefits, it does not seem to protect them against liver disease, which
may be bad news for all of you about to fill up your third glass this
evening. The perceived wisdom amongst scientists who have studied
the beneficial effects of resveratrol say that two glasses daily are
optimum. I can now see people rushing out to buy 1/2 litre glasses – no,
that’s cheating! Ah, what the heck, please yourselves!

Resveratrol also has antiproliferative actions, inhibiting cancer cell and
tumour growth, and is involved in inhibiting an important enzyme in
tumour growth. This clever little compound also reduces deposition of plaques on
blood vessels, stimulates the immune system in fighting cancer, inhibits
oxidisation of LDL-Cholesterol and, if that were not enough, also is a
good anti-inflammatory. Research continues and more beneficial
characteristics are being discovered daily.

ANTI AGING – The Holy Grail

Is there no end to what Resveratrol can do! As well as being a powerful
antioxidant it seem that there is great interest in it’s anti-aging antioxidant
properties. According to an article in The Times. “…”It works by
binding to a class of proteins called sirtuins which regulate the
repair of cells and dramatically boosts their efficiency. Studies have
shown that it has an impressive anti-inflammatory action which, in
animals, has delayed the process of ageing and increased lifespan by up
to 50%.” Just before you rush out to stock up with your favourite
‘Chateau Colostomy’, I would like to point out that tests on mice, fed a
reduced carbohydrate diet, also showed an increase in life span of 50%! The
report doesn’t say if red wine was part of their diet!!

At the end of the day, to my way of thinking, as with everything in Life
moderation is the name of the game. Enjoy a glass or two with your
evening meal while your chat with your family and catch up on
everybody’s daily events. Eat as much organic fruit & vegetables as you
can, take organic food supplements, exercise in moderation and learn to
be at peace with, and love, yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can
you love anyone else?










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