REIT Investigation

Blog: 503.222.7475 Banks Law Office announces investigation of non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) for non-disclosure of investment risks. The investigation began shortly after an action brought by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) against David Lerner & Associates (DLA) for selling non-traded REIT called Apple REIT cos. Inc. to seniors without disclosing the risks of the investment, violating federal securities laws. Investors who were sold these non-liquidable investments may have an opportunity to recover their investments in individual cases through FINRA arbitration. If you wish to discuss this action, or have any questions concerning this notice or your rights, contact Banks Law Office toll-free at (800) 647-8130, or by email at

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A Meal To Die For

Bill Geist visits the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Ariz., where you can almost feel your arteries clogging.


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Q&A: What type of health insurance should I get if I am self employed?

Question by Nean: What type of health insurance should I get if I am self employed?
Hello I am a healthy female in my early thirties and a non smoker. I need to find decent health insurance that you would get from a good employer. I am new to this and dont understand what I need to have covered for health insurance. I am looking for some good advice and any suggestions. Thank You
P.S- Is it usual that health insurance does not cover maternity?

Best answer:

Answer by mbrcatz
Since the health reform act, insurance companies have pretty much stopped selling maternity coverage. When you CAN buy it, it’s about $ 300 a month extra, and most of the time you have to purchase it a full year becoming pregnant, for it to cover. So yes, it’s normal for maternity to NOT be covered, under an individual policy.

You’re not going to get the same kind of coverage that you would through an employer. On an individual policy, they can exclude coverage for stuff already wrong. If you ARE currently pregnant, you’re uninsurable on an individual plan until after the baby is born (just sayin’, because 95% of the women who mention interest in maternity coverage here, are ALREADY pregnant).

For good advice that’s valid in YOUR area, you should talk to a local agent near you. They’ll know what state you are in, and which deals are best – and they can help you balance coverage and cost to find what you can afford, and they’ll EXPLAIN how it all works. You won’t get that from an online website.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


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Customers Love These All Natural Healthy Weight Loss Plans

Customers Love These All Natural Healthy Weight Loss Plans
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Customers Love These All Natural Healthy Weight Loss Plans


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What is Aspergers Disease

Article by Dave Angel

Aspergers is not actually a disease at all but more of a condition that many children have. The word disease itself can give the wrong impression of Aspergers and the many wonderful children who experience it. In this article I will give a simple explanation of some of the characteristics of Aspergers and then give some useful tips on how to manage challenging behaviours which are often associated with this condition.

Aspergers is a developmental disorder that affects a child’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children with Aspergers typically exhibit social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics. Signs and symptoms of Aspergers include displaying unusual nonverbal communication, such as lack of eye contact, few facial expressions, or awkward body postures and gestures. People with Aspergers will often show an intense obsession with one or two specific, narrow subjects, such as baseball statistics, train schedules, weather or snakes. They will appear not to understand, empathize with, or be sensitive to others’ feelings and will have a hard time “reading” other people or understanding humor. When they speak it is often in a voice that is monotonous, rigid or unusually fast. They will sometimes appear to move clumsily, with poor coordination and display an odd posture or a rigid gait

Children with Aspergers frequently display challenging behaviors as a response to a world which they cannot deal with effectively. Any attempt to discontinue the behaviors must first consider why the behavior is occurring. The best way to establish why the individual with Aspergers is displaying challenging behaviors is to complete an A-B-C analysis. This includes an analysis of the Antecedent, Behavior, and the Consequence. The antecedent is what happens before the behavior. The behavior is their response to the antecedent. The consequence, and this is the tricky one, is whatever immediately follows the behavior. Often the child with Aspergers will have limited ability to verbalize their needs; you can help them with this once you have identified the cause of the behavior. Remember it will be something that happens either before or after the behavior occurs. Once you have established the reason for the behavior, the child with Aspergers will need a consistent behavior program or method of intervention. Children with Aspergers crave consistency and routine and need to know what is coming, or you will simply create more challenging behaviors.

For children with Aspergers, the behavioral intervention should include consideration of environmental changes that may need to be made. This may include removing items that may be over-stimulating or providing things that they appear to need. For the child with Aspergers, the behavioral intervention should also plan to provide the individual with a replacement behavior. Remember, if you eliminate the behavior without meeting the need, they will find their own replacement behavior! Autism and Aspergers are difficult to diagnose especially in young children where language and cognitive skills are still developing. All children are different, and many toddlers show a sign or symptom of Aspergers at some point. It’s natural for small children to be egocentric, and many little ones show a strong interest in a particular topic, such as dinosaurs or a favorite fictional character. These alone aren’t reasons to be alarmed! However, if your child has frequent problems in school or seems unable to make friends, it’s time to consult your pediatrician. These difficulties have many possible causes, but developmental disorders such as Aspergers shouldn’t be ruled out. Hopefully this article will have provided you with some ideas of what to do next, where to seek help and how to manage your child’s behaviors better.

Dave Angel is a social worker with families who have children on the Autistic Spectrum and is the author of a new e-book that answers the 46 most asked questions by parents of children with Asperger’s. To claim your free 7 day Mini-Course for parents of children with Asperger’s Syndrome visit: today.


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My Movie garden at night vegtables tomatos peppers

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fruit & vegtables

lots of fruit and vegtables
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