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Tips Where to Buy Meat and Its Preparation – Home – Home Repair

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Every food and every food group contains a unique set of nutrients. Different types of lean meat as fresh beef with no fat, are an important source of iron and zinc available to the body, high quality protein and B vitamins – all vital nutrients optimal health at every stage in life. Iron and zinc are essential for growth and normal development of children. Lean beef is part of a healthy diet, aimed at reducing cholesterol. Iron, zinc, protein and B vitamins, which play an important role in exploiting energy from food. Minor shortages zinc disrupt the immune system. A balanced diet that includes fresh beef and thin, helping to get all nutrients.Buying fresh meat:Beef purchases should be noted some key information: *Good beef should be red, but bright red. The controller must be fat – more or less, depending on the share. Yellow fat is an older animal sign, such meat for cooking long and when it is well out of date suitable for steaks and roast beef preparation. Indicate dark edge too much time spent meat display refrigerator and dried. When the buying meat the butcher has to say what share of the necessary and for what purpose. You can ask the butcher to prepare the roast on demand: tie up roast beef, fillet steaks, deploy, prepare filling pockets, clean internal parts, etc.. Aging – for meat, frying or broiling greatly as a result of aging boast. This is a natural process in special refrigerators meat is kept cold and in humidity levels are appropriate. Aging praise the taste of meat and where key enzymes to break down tough tissues. Meat after aging gets a deep dark red color, texture is springy like fresh meat it with my finger left socket.Fresh meat storage:The meat should be stored in the coldest part of refrigerator, loosely wrapped. Internal parts, veal and beef, is not recommended to store more than a day – two days. Cut up meat or steaks can be refrigerated for up to four days and whole meat cuts – up to a week. If the meat has an unpleasant odor, its surface smooth and wet and green marks on it, it is a sign that started the process of decay and thrown immediately. If you want to freeze fresh meat, wrap it in a plastic wrap that covered with cotton or unpainted to allow the meat to breathe. When defrosting the meat do it in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth. To freeze cooked meat dishes to the dish of the room temperature, store the appropriate tool to freeze and seal it well. Defrost the casserole in the refrigerator before serving and heat over a stove or oven. Pot roast with gravy can heat without melting – on a low flame, stirring gently.Meat on the grillRoasting meat on the grill (BBQ) is become our national sport and every family has its own tested Grill recipes. Very grill “like” ground meat, steaks and skewers also go well with a charcoal grill. Burst of heat that gets the piece of meat when it comes into contact with the grill creates a perfect seal. Soaking the meat contributes to early taste and aroma and soften it. If you’re grilling large chunks to choose meat with a layer of fat but no cartilage, because it hardens the roasting process. Cut the fillets in a uniform size. Roasting process always begins sealing the meat on all sides at high heat, then remove the meat from the heat and continue to roast it until desired level of preparation. It is recommended to use tongs when handling meat and toss a fork or knife causes loss of fluids. Occasionally there is a liquid to wet the meat or use fat. Important: The salted meat is almost ready when or after grilling, because the salt pulls the liquid from the meat and dry it.How to do it…The first step in the success of the meat over the charcoal grill is preparation. Here are a bunch of tips that fit all types of grills and all types of meat:You have to light the coals half an hour before grilling. The coals are ready when they are covered with a layer of dirt and there is no flame! If the grill is big enough, you should leave a small area without coals and lay of flesh have already used. Ten minutes before grilling place the net on the coals to overheat the right size. Desirable to apply the oil on the net immediately as directed on the grill and when it is hot, so the oil is not burned immediately. Do not attach the net for coal. The minimum distance is 2 inches but it is better to go to 4 inches. The net brass brush should clean up immediately after roasting and not wait for next time. Before lighting the coals to have ready at hand the tools necessary. It is very important to have tongs to turn the meat and water spraying tool in case breaking out in a flame. The number of minutes before grilling should add coal or aromatic wood, marinated for two hours in the water. They recommended citrus trees, olive or walnut. You can get them in a shop specializing in camping equipment and special delis. Also connect well herbs coal, herbs with a strong aroma such as rosemary and thyme especially recommended. If you have a grill with a lid, you should take advantage on this fact and work with the lid closed. In this way a more efficient heat dissipation, the liquid fat is not going to catch fire hazard and in general – the meat’s taste more refined.

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