One of our favourite foods for our family is Quinoa. Quinoa is considered by some a Superfood. Its become super-trendy the last few years. Its not really a grain but a sudo-grain that is similar to ancient grains. Its really a seed that is commonly found in South America. Its a complete protein providing all the 8 essential amino acids which is very rare in the plant family. Generally, a complete protein can only be found in animal products. So, its also high in fiber, calcium, magnesium and high in iron.

Being in the goosefoot family means it’s more closely related to beetroot, chard and spinach than to cereals. People of South America have been eating this beneficial food for thousands of years. Quinoa sounds perfect!! So what is the problem? The only issue you need to consider that I would like to address is the problem with saponins and your intestines. So, what is Saponins?

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