Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration for Men, Blackberry, 40 Serving Canister, 14.2oz

  • Available in Blackberry, Orange and Lemon Lime, three organic flavors made from all natural sugars, sweetened with natural dried fruit. Made in the USA.
  • Osmo Active Hydration is optimized to maximize the rate of fluid and electrolyte absorption into the body for increased power and endurance
  • Combines sucrose and glucose with sodium; this combination has been shown to maximize fluid absorption; low carbs at 35%
  • A fluid that actually reaches the blood allows for a slower core temperature rise; increases the ability to maintain blood-flow to the muscles
  • Developed by pioneering scientist Dr. Stacy Sims; relied upon by 2 time Cycling World Champion Peter Sagan
Used by elite athletes like 3 time Cycling World Champion, Peter Sagan, Osmo Active Hydration is a during-exercise hydration drink developed by pioneering scientist Dr. Stacy Sims. Osmo Active Hydration has been developed to optimize hydration, using sucrose and glucose with sodium. This sugar and sodium combination has been shown to maximize fluid absorption. OSMO Active Hydration has a lower carbohydrate percentage (3.5% compared to most drinks at 6-8%), which keeps the osmolality low for fast

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 18.95


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