Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Super Morning Organic Bananas Blueberries Yogurt & Oats + Super Chia, 4 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 8) (Packaging May Vary)

  • SUPER MORNING MEALS: Hello, sunshine! Enjoy a breezy morning routine with these tasty breakfast blends. Each pouch offers 3g of fiber, omega 3s (courtesy of Chia seeds), organic fruits, whole milk yogurt & whole grain oats-perfect for starting their day.
  • STAGE FOUR EATERS: The most important aspect of food for the toddler years is the quality-the types of carbs, protein, and fat, as well as the vitamins and minerals, in the foods you feed your baby & Happy Tot's Stage 4 foods are great for picky eaters!
  • HAPPY TOT: Our toddler foods & toddler snacks are designed to provide your toddler with wholesome nourishment to help support development. Our organic yogurt, veggie bowls, toddler formula, multi-grain toddler snacks & more will keep your tot a Happy Tot.
  • MINDFULLY MADE: We develop premium organic recipes perfectly matched with your child's age and stage. Explore our snacks & meals for growing babies, toddlers & kids, from baby food pouches to freeze-dried yogurt treats, organic cereals & toddler snacks.
  • HAPPY TUMMIES: Try Happy Tot's full line of toddler smoothie pouches, organic toddler milk drink, whole milk yogurt, puffed grain snacks, and meal bowls if you've enjoyed products from MySuperSnacks, Annie's, Sprout, Veggie-Go's, Nosh or Nature's Bandits.
Hello, sunshine! Enjoy a breezy morning routine with these tasty breakfast blends. Each pouch offers 3g of fiber, omega 3s (courtesy of Chia seeds), organic fruits, whole milk yogurt, and whole grain oats—perfect for starting their day.

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Organic Greens Powder - Gluten Free, NO Wheatgrass Green Superfood Powder [40 Serves] Raw Organic Superfood From NZ: Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp, Broccoli and Barley Grass Smoothie Powder

  • THE 'CLEANER' GREEN POWDER: Did you know wheat fields are drenched in chemicals before the grain is even sewn? Super Greens are supposed to give health, not take it away! So that's why our GLUTEN FREE Supreme Green Blend contains NO WHEATGRASS! Notice the difference in this great tasting blend.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS FROM PRISTINE NZ: They don't call it 'clean green New Zealand' for nothing! Each ingredient is grown away from world pollution, radiation and impurities. There are no nasty surprises, just 100% functional food packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.
  • EASY TO MIX, EASY TO DRINK: If you've ever taken a gulp of your green smoothie, only to gag on a giant lump of unmixed greens powder, you'll enjoy how Supreme Greens micro-particles dissolve completely! Each sip you take is not only clean and healthy, but also remarkably pleasant to drink.
  • A TASTY WAY TO 'EAT' YOUR GREENS: Contains Organic Barley Grass, Chlorella, Spirulina and Kelp, plus Broccoli Sprout, and Organic Stevia to sweeten. NO SUGAR OR ADDITIVES. Just one teaspoon a day is all you need to support energy, mood, immunity and digestion. Mix into smoothies, juice and water or foods like yoghurt, pesto and guacamole!
  • BACKED BY CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: At Changing Habits, we don't just produce ethical wholefoods, we're also a team of Nutritionists, Researchers and Best Selling Author with 37 years in clinical practice. And Supreme Green Blend is the clinical strength, raw, natural superfood you were searching for today.
Who else wants a green powder that mixes well, tastes good, with no chemicals and is gluten free? It's not often you find everything you need in one powder, but today you have - Supreme Green Blend! Why Are Healthier Families Switching To This No Wheatgrass Formula? Many people agree it's hard finding everything you want in one formula. It needs to mix well and tastes great, and be chemical and gluten free, otherwise what's the point? But did you know bare wheatgrass fields are doused in up to

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