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Setting up your kitchen with the proper flow makes cooking easier and it helps keep your cooking area better sanitized. Here are some tips on how you can keep a proper flow in the cooking area in your kitchen.

1. There are really two parts to your cooking area. Your prep area and your plating area. If you’re right handed, your prep area should be to your left. Its the other way around if you’re left handed. You want it this way because you’ll be spend most of your time in the prep area, and stirring in the skillet on the other side.

2. You never wanna leave your knife out or in a drawer. Always use a knife block. This makes it safer and easier to keep all of your knives organized.

3. Always keep to cutting baords. One meats and one for vegtables. Also, use a wooden cutting board. Do this because studies have shown that wooden cutting boards help kill bacteria and not store it like glass or plastic.

4. Keep you salt, olive oil, and pepper in the prep area. This helps save time. Keeping your can-opener in the prep area helps save time also.

5. Having a trash can nearby is helpful too. This helps keep the prep area clean.

6. Your seasonings and vinegars should stay right above your prep area. Never keep them over the stove because the heat will dry them out and they’ll lose flavor.

7. Now on the other side you’ll have your plating area. Keep your plates in the cabinet right above.

8. Keep your cooking utensils in the plating area as well. Do this because you never wanna grease to splatter on your cooking utensils, making them unsanitary.

This proper format will make it easier to cook and and keep your cooking area clean at the same time.Cooking is easy as long as you know how to followdirections.As you learn more and more recipes, you remember how to cook them. Its really that easy. For example to make regular eggs scrambled, sunny side up, over easy it doesn’t matter, all you have to do is grease up your pan with margarine, set the stove to medium, put your eggs in the pan, and let it cook all aroound. Now to make an omelette, all you’re doing is mixing your eggs with whatever you want to put in them and cook it the same way you would make regular eggs. See its that easy. Now the problem that most people have is that they know how to make certain dishes. All they really have to do is find a recipe or cookbook and follow directions. So people don’t learn how to cook they just follow and remember directions well. All you have to do is find a great cookbook.

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