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There is a prevailing wisdom out there that diet does not cause Acne. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, especially in America, it is primarily our diet that causes Acne.

I’m sure you’re thinking… but wait, it’s bacteria that causes acne! Actually, this is not the case. It is our bodies REACTION to this bacteria that causes acne. There are two factors that allow Acne to take place. The first is an over production of sebum, or natural oil that the body creates all over that is supposed to prevent bacteria from entering the body. This sebum ends up clogging our pores, and then the bacteria starts chowing down on it. Our bodies reaction to it is to increase blood flow for the area to try and stop the bacteria. This increased blood flow is a kind of inflammation, and it is this inflammation that manifests itself as the pimples that we call acne.

There are a couple foods that we can stop or start eating that can prevent some acne forming.

These foods prevent one or more of the processes that I just described:

1) Vegtable Oil – Vegetable oil is in nearly everything. It is in chips, most salad dressing, most dips, most pretzels, most kinda of candy. It is practically all pervasive. Unfortunately, it is also responsible for increasing the production of sebum in the body. According to one book I read, up to 70% of Acne comes from just vegetable oil. Get it out of your diet!

2) Saturated Fat – Besides the fact that it is bad for you in other ways, Saturated Fat increases the thickness of your sebum, which causes your pores to clog quicker. It also can act as an inflammatory agent, which increases the size of your pimples.

3) Sugar – Sugar is another majorly inflammatory ingredient, that is unfortunately exceedingly common, especially in American cooking.

It is honestly quite pathetic how much sugar the average American consumes per day. It is also bad because it can feed a fungal growth that many people who have acne also have and don’t realize it. It is called candida, and it survives on the sugar you eat. It causes gas in a lot of people who have it… one way to starve it out, and prevent candida from increasing your acne is to stop eating so much sugar…

I learned about most of these natural cures in an ebook my parents bought me when I first started to develop serious acne.

If you’re curious, you can learn more info about it here:

Learn More…

Peace, Philip Daniels


Philip Daniels used to be an acne sufferer, before he decided to kick its ugly red, inflamed butt :). He loves being an entrepreneur and generally living life on his own terms.


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