22 great food tips and tricks you can use in your home kitchen.

1. Shakey cutting board DIY fix
2. Oreo pop simple fun recipe
3. How to close a crisp packet hack
4. How to open a jar simple trick
5. Nutella and banana sandwich fun recipe
6. Jelly bears DIY recipe
7. Chocolate mint leaves trick
8. Simple tomato peeling hack
9. Easy poached egg hack! cant go wrong
10. Chocolate writing
11. Coca cola cake, crazy but tasty.
12. Spider sausages trick, fun food 🙂
13. Easy French toast hack!
14. Simple salad dressing tip
15. Delicious stuffed baguette trick
16. Easy homemade croissant hack!
17. Food substitution for eggs
18. Food substitution for chocolate
19. Food substitution for breadcrumbs
20. Food substitution for baking powder
21. Simple crisp packet bowl hack!
22. New apple pie recipe making the apple the pie!

hope you enjoy these cooking tricks that will make your time in the kitchen easier if you did enjoy them and want to see more check out these videos here:

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