Question by Inmate No. 6602224175: Are the Lungs the most imperfect part of the human body?
I can’t think of another organ that is as vulnerable. We need them to live and they have to constantly be working like the heart, but things like fiberglass and asbestos can get stuck in there and our only defense is to cough until we die. Shouldn’t there be a better method of purging dangerous materials from the lungs considering it’s very easy for particles to get stuck in there? Shouldn’t humans develop a filter in the trachea? Why not?

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Answer by briguy0103
Not quite as important as the lungs, but the eyes in my opinion are also far to vulnerable given their importance. Why couldnt God just give us a clear protective shield over them? (Just kidding, I’m an atheist, it just kills me when people try and tell me how perfect the eye is and that it could only be created by God)

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