8 Simple Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

How often do you go to the doctor for regular check-ups? If you’re diligent, maybe once or twice a year, right? But what if I told you that there are lots of quick, easy, and accurate health tests you can do yourself right at home whenever you want?

For example, how can you tell if you’re anemic? Anemia is a condition when the blood doesn’t have enough red blood cells (a.k.a. hemoglobin) in it. Stand in front of a mirror and pull your lower eyelid down a bit. The exposed tissue should be bright pink. If it’s a pale light pink or even slightly yellow, you could be anemic. Watch our new video to find out more!

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Check your heart and lungs 0:28
Check your brain health 1:59
Check for anemia 2:56
Check your hormone levels 3:50
Check your nerves 4:51
Check your blood sugar 5:51
Check your arteries 7:02
Check your hearing 8:05

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– Bring your hands together so that your index fingers form an upside-down J. Hold them with the nails touching for about 10 seconds. Do you see a tiny rhombus in the negative space between your nails? Great! Your heart and lungs are a-ok!
– Lift one of your legs so that the raised knee is in line with your hip. Try to hold this position for 20 seconds. If you can do this almost effortlessly, your blood vessels and brain must be in great shape!
– Grab a small lock of hair and pull at it just slightly. If you end up with 2-3 strands in your fingers, there’s no need to worry – your hormones are doing great! Pulling more hairs out could mean that it’s time to see a hair and scalp specialist.
– To check yourself, start by raising your arms and making two fists in front of your face. Your wrists should be facing toward you. Now try to reach the bottom of your palm with your fingertips, and hold this position for about 1 minute. If you start to feel tension, pain, or unpleasant tingling, you could have carpal tunnel syndrome.
– Ask your friend to touch your feet and toes with both the pointy end and the eraser side of the pencil. Really focus on how you feel and answer one simple question: can you tell the ends apart without looking? If it’s a piece of cake for you, then diabetic neuropathy isn’t something you should worry about.
– Lie down on your back, raise your legs at a 45-degree angle, and hold it for about 1-2 minutes. When the time’s up, take a closer look at the color of your feet and toes. Are they pale or even white? If so, then you might have a circulatory problem.
– To make sure that your hearing is still going strong, go into a quiet room and gently rub your thumb on the other four fingers. Start by doing it pretty close to your ear, and then slowly move your hand further away until it’s about 6 inches from your ear. If you can hear the rubbing that far away, your hearing is still impeccable!

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