Question by Kimmy: How is a regular exercise bike different than a spinning bike?
The buzz lately is that you can burn about 500 calories, tone up and lose weight quickly by exercising for only 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

I have a regular exercise bike and cannot afford a spinning bike or classes. Would I be able to achieve the same results by exercising for 30 minutes a day on my exercise bike?

Please explain to me the difference between the two bikes and how they work differently to give different results?

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Answer by wle atlanta
that would be the rough equivalent of cycling at 28,5 mph on a road bike

i doubt you can put out that much effort

that;s like racing, tour de france kind of speed

so i doubt the buzz

secondly, i can;t see that there is any difference between an exercise bike and a spin bike….

on the other hand, see this..


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