Fitness and exercise for senior citizen

Fitness and exercise are not only for children and young people. Senior citizen can gain a lot of benefits from becoming occupied in a regular program advancing fitness and exercise, and many senior citizen are doing so. practically more senior citizen are taking fitness and exercise sincerely now than in previous times.

Mall walking is a common fitness and exercise action for senior citizen. Quick walking is one of the best forms of exercise senior citizen can do for themselves. Shopping malls offer steady temperature and protection from the outside weather. If it is snowing or raining outside, you can still walk in the mall, getting all the benefits of a fitness and exercise program without having to brave unpleasant weather.

Swimming is another accepted fitness and exercise method many senior citizen get pleasure from . Swimming exercises every muscle in the body, but does not cause pain on the knees and joints. While many senior citizen enjoy swimming laps, others have incorporated water based aerobics into their fitness and exercise programs, with big results.

The baby boom generation of Americans is not getting younger, with many baby boomers now getting to the retirement age. This generation though is unlike the preceding generations. Baby boomers tend to live longer, and are more worried about health. More baby boomers watch their diets, try to watch their weight and make fitness and exercise a usual part of their lives than older Americans have in past generations. Add to that the progress made in medical treatments and these senior citizen can expect to live for a lot more years to come. Fitness and exercise will carry on to play a major role in their lives.

Naturally, fitness and exercise are not the only issue to be worried with. Diet too plays a part. A high fiber diet, with the majority carbohydrates coming from whole grains and protein coming from more lean parts of meat to minimize fat in addition contribute to health. When right diet and fitness and exercise are linked , the result ( frequently) , is a healthy person, no matter what the age. Combining fitness and exercise with correct nutrition is a winning situation for each one involved.

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