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ON THE MOVE #103. “Tapping Into Our Communities: Movin’ & Grovin’ “


Paul Petersen, Dr. Kaiser & contestants dance for health. Guest: Gary Small, MD (Memory, Aging Expert). Facebook: Twitter: Copyright 2012 City of Los Angeles and Scott A. Kaiser, MD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – POSTED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER
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Lonliness Affects Health in Elders

In a study of 1600 seniors, researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) found that people who reported being lonely were more likely to suffer a decline in health or die over a six-year period than those who were content with their social lives. Loneliness didn’t necessarily mean being alone – almost two-thirds of seniors who reported feeling lonely were married or living with a partner. Researchers defined loneliness as feeling left out or isolated or lacking companionship. While not a new issue the UCSF study is among the largest to look at loneliness, as opposed to general depression. About 43 percent of the adults reported feeling lonely at least some of the time. Of those seniors, 23 percent died over the six-year study, compared to 14 percent of the participants who weren’t lonely – a 45 percent increase. The lonely seniors had a 59 percent greater risk of suffering a decline in function. Many studies have shown that having a broad social network contributes to a quality of life as you age. What fascinates me is the finding that two-thirds who reported feeling lonely were married or living with a partner. The San Franscisco Chronicle article in the ‘read more’ below notes that couples may drift apart as they get older. They don’t have the same shared interests. They may feel unable to connect with both their children and their grandchildren because of generational or lifestyle differences. And they don’t want to bother anyone. I suggest that we
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Largest Senior Flash Mob by CareMore (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The “CareMore Heart Mob”, a group of dancers 65 and up– including a 93 year old member– burst in to a flash mob at Tivoli Village farmer’s market. The surprise choreographed dance routine was performed to raise awareness for CareMore’s new Heart Plan, an initiative to promote cardiac wellness in the senior community. The CareMore Care Centers are known throughout California, Nevada and Arizona for their senior-only line dancing and other free classes to encourage social and physical activities for seniors. More than 70 seniors participated in the flash mob. The performance was held on February 25, 2012. Visit CareMore on Facebook Or follow us on Twitter @CareMoreHealth Videographer/editor: Anne Milo
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Fitness Over 50 Tips.avi

If you are over 50 and think fitness is a lost cause, watch this video. It is motivational and encourages people over 50 to start a fitness program, after checking with your doctor.
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Activities For Seniors

Article by Salim J

Activities For Seniors – Health – Wellness

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Activities for Seniors Should Aim for Physical Fitness

Even before you reach the age of 40, your body starts to experience all sorts of problems. Senior citizens so much more help and attention to keep their bodies fit, healthy and free from disease. It is important to focus on physical fitness as one of the mainstays of activities for the elderly. Here are some proven guidelines that boost wellness and life.

The Right Exercises

The right exercises should always rely on the senior’s personal capacity and current condition. It is best to have a physical check up and thorough assessment to make sure that the activities can be well-tolerated and complications are avoided. Seniors who have been sedentary for several years or months need to break into an exercise program or regime slowly. A physical therapist can best provide the right movements and warm up techniques that will stabilize joints and strengthen muscles.

Seniors are not advised to immediately join group sports or enter a weight training program without warming up their muscles well. They should check how their body responds to various movements first, before embarking on any strenuous exercise. You should also get enough nutrition rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates for fast recovery and optimum resistance. Sleep adequately days before your first exercise routine to gather strength and stick to the program longer.

What a Typical Program Consists Of

The regular program includes physical fitness exercises, complete with the right equipment, trainers and machines. The elderly may be placed on exercise machines like stationary bicycles, treadmills, elliptical trainers and the like. They may also be asked to walk around the senior center grounds. Those who are more capable can try mild jogging. There are classes as well held on schedule which includes yoga, aerobics, martial arts, tai chi, etc. Seniors may join these programs as they please. Sessions are typical 2 to 3 times per week.

There are also therapeutic sessions where individuals are gathered into groups to communicate, play games and share their experiences. This is a good opportunity for seniors to discuss their concerns and current conditions and problems, if they have any. Seniors will be formed into pairs or groups as well, depending on their preference.

Objectives of the Exercises

Exercises are provided to senior citizens to attain the following: flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. Stretching exercises greatly boost flexibility, which can prevent injury should seniors fall or trip. To enhance endurance, seniors can do cardiovascular activities like running, jogging, walking or bicycling to get their heart rate up. This is especially good for lowering cholesterol levels, stress and blood pressure.

To enhance strength, weight training exercises may be provided according to the physical capacities of seniors to minimize pains and aches. Balancing is highly important for elder individuals to prevent accidents. There are balancing exercises like walking with eyes closed, lifting one leg up, etc. These can minimize the occurrence of falls.

More Benefits

There are several benefits that you can get from activities for seniors. These can reduce depression and stress, lower risk for heart and cardiovascular ailments, boost flexibility, reduce diabetes, produce endorphins that make people feel better, prevent disease, maintain the ability to do various activities and enhances range of motion.

The advantages among individuals may differ, depending on their age, response to the activity and current condition. Overall, physical activity always renders positive results.

For More Information Please visit The Seniors Activities

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As a senior, I like to share some articles with you.

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Salim J

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