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Nutrition and Diabetes for Seniors – 1/3

Nutrition and Diabetes for Seniors
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How Seniors Can Alleviate Depression with Exercise

Article by Wendy Moyer

As the Baby Boomer generation approaches old age, more and more of them are trying to figure out what they can do to in order to continue enjoying a good life. Although many of them realized long ago that their health directly correlates to their happiness, finding time to exercise may not always have been a priority.

Now that many of them are retired, they are taking a new look at things that can positively impact their lives. However, having realizations and acting on them are two different things. Since so many baby boomers love instant gratification, asking them to take the necessary time-consuming steps to improve their health can be quite a challenge.

Nonetheless, many baby boomers now appreciate that focusing on improving their health is one of the things they will have to do in order to maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

Numerous studies have indicated that emotional stability can be better achieved through regular exercise. Consequently, it is not surprising that many senior citizens who seemingly couldn’t find the time to exercise earlier in their lives, are now finding that exercise actually helps to ease feelings of depression and anxiety.

It is generally believed that in order to achieve optimum health, seniors should focus on three different types of exercise: cardio, endurance, and strength.

These three types of exercise target different needs and they should all be included in any workout program.

Incorporating cardiovascular exercises into a workout promotes heart health, while endurance exercises are believed to increase the flow of blood throughout your body. If this is true then these types of exercises may help to protect you from cardiac injury should you have a heart attack.

Strength exercises have been known to increase metabolism and muscle mass. Both are factors that can help you to maintain a healthy weight (one of the challenges that many seniors face.)

If you add balance and stretching exercises to your routine, you will enjoy all the benefits that a complete workout can provide.

Amazingly, exercise not only has a positive effect on your joints, muscles and bones, but literally provides a workout for your brain as well.

People who regularly exercise find that their memory gets better, as does their mental acuity.

Any way you cut it, senior exercise is meant to make you feel happy and positive. Who knows? It might even make you smarter.

Of course, at any age, you should always consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. The best of intentions can still cause unexpected injury or pain and even the healthiest of people can find misfortune.

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Senior Nutrition and Transit

Brittany Novotny fights for seniors as an attorney, and will be YOUR advocate at the Capitol for senior nutrition and more transit options to help you get out and enjoy Oklahoma!
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