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Resveratrol Grape Juice – Benefits and Side Effects

Resveratrol, an ingredient found in grapes and red wine, has often been linked to the explanation regarding the term ‘French paradox’, the puzzling fact that the French suffer less from heart related diseases, even though they enjoy a higher-fat diet than most Americans do.

This has led to research by scientists, who have now taken an interest in exploring how resveratrol might help in extending lifespan of a human.

They hope to use resveratrol grape juice or resveratrol based compound to provide the same effects as that of a severely restricted diet, which is supposed to extend lifespan of humans.  This is a low level caloric intake diet which activates a class of proteins, called sirtuin which in turn control metabolism; there are few other natural substances that can activate sirtuin, but resveratrol grape juice is particularly potent at triggering sirtuins.

This new interest that researchers have found in resveratrol grape juice, has led to several breakthroughs.


The scientists at Harvard University have proven that resveratrol grape juice helps in extending lifespan by controlling the activity of a gene associated with aging generally present in all life forms.

It has been practically demonstrated that while middle-aged mice which fed on a high-calorie diet suffered the deadly effects of obesity such as metabolic changes resembling diabetes, liver and cardiac damage, and premature death.

Mice which were fed with resveratrol along with the same high-calorie diet demonstrated healthy changes in their physiology, which were found in mice fed with standard diet.

The reason behind all age-related illness is oxidative stress.  It is responsible for numerous disease processes and for aging itself.

Resveratrol grape juice shows powerful antioxidant abilities capable of providing benefits for human health beyond imagination.

Scientists reports suggest that resveratrol grape juice improves the oxidation rate of dangerous low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and and helps in filtering out harmful hydroxyl radicals. Resveratrol grape juice also facilitates in maintenance of glutathione levels, our body’s major antioxidants.

According to one of the prominent resveratrol investigators, resveratrol grape juice is a very effective free-radical filters with many effects capable of affecting not only longevity but general health in common.

Resveratrol grape juice is capable of improving health and reduce the rate of aging process affecting many mechanisms such as potent antioxidant effects, capability to improve energy production at cellular level, and the ability to improve patterns of gene expression in the same manner as that of a low calorie-diet restriction would provide.

A word of caution though, few side effects such as increased sensitivity to temperature variations, increased adult acne have been noticed. So it is advisable to visit a doctor under such situations.







Resveratrol, The Fountain of Youth? Quite Possibly!

It has long been somewhat of a mystery as to why the French could eat a high fat, high calorie diet and have a lower incidence of heart disease and live long healthy lives.
It was known that wine had something to do with it but over the last couple of years, compliments of Dr Sinclair of the Harvard Medical Center and Rafael De Cabo Phd., they may have isolated the properties that answer the mystery.


The key is resveratrol in the fermented skins of the red wine grape, especially grapes that come from cooler climates.

There have been published papers on the fact that people (or animals for that matter) who have calorie restricted diets live longer.



Resveratrol does many things for the body including fooling the body into thinking it is calorie restricted. Hence, the French eating high calorie, high fat diets (with wine) may live longer with less incidence of heart disease.

Here is some interesting information on various studies on resveratrol and the promising results.

– According to a study done by the Dept. of Science and Technology at the Ohio State University in 1997, resveratrol was able at a cellular level to inhibit cancer cells from dividing. It also demonstrated that the estrogenic activity was able to prevent post-menopausal bone loss.

– The Dept of Microbiology-Immunology NE Ohio University, College of Medicine, successfully treated hairless mice that had herpes lesions. Repeated tests with topical resveratrol had the same results. In the same year it was also discovered that topical reseveratrol reduced skin cancer by as much as 98%.

– In Nov. of 2006, Dr Sinclair and Rafael De Cabo, did a study on middle aged mice and the findings were extremely encouraging.  The mice were divided into 3 groups; the 1st group was given a standard diet., the 2nd group a high fat, high calorie diet, and the 3rd group a high fat, high calorie diet with resveratrol.

The 2nd group of high fat, high calories soon developed symptoms of heart disease and diabetes and shortened lifespan.

The 3rd group with high fat, high calories and resveratrol had no symptoms of heart disease or diabetes and they were much more active than the second group even later in life.

The third group of mice also lived up to 30% longer. (The standard diet mice faired as well as the 3rd group)





– In another study in April of 2008, patients who were treated with resveratrol before receiving radiation treatments, found that pancreatic cancer cells would die off during radiation sessions. This is very encouraging because pancreatic cancer can be very difficult to treat.

– Now, very interesting, what does resveratrol have in common with Viagra? They both open restricted blood flow. Viagra is limited to small blood vessels but reseveratrol opens both small blood vessels and main arteries. The circulation benefits of resveratrol may outperform Viagra.

– The reasoning behind resevratrol being hailed as the potential fountain of youth is because taking resveratrol regularly has been demonstrated to reduce and or reverse DNA mishaps. Aging comes about when cells can no longer replicate cell DNA and thus begins the gradual decline of the body. Resveratrol stimulates what is called the longevity gene (caloric restricted diets) and it has been demonstrated that resveratrol reduces DNA mishaps by as much as a whopping 60%! Even if it was 30% that would be impressive!

There is still much studying to be done on resveratrol, especially on humans but the research so far has been more than promising. A glass of wine a day can be beneficial but good quality, pure resveratrol supplements have the potential for great health benefits.













Dr Oz Resveratrol Supplement Recommendation

There were plenty of things being announced about Resveratrol recently, almost all of which are the benefits that the same plant chemical can offer the body. But how about resveratrol supplements? Do they have similarly beneficial to someone’s health? Dr. Oz, whom had been featured numerous times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, recommends using the supplement. Let us see the reason why this plant chemical is making its way to the media’s attention nowadays.

What’s Resveratrol?

It’s a plant enzyme that’s ordinarily occuring in grape seeds, grape juice, red wine, and peanuts as well . Examining products made of this certain compound, the roots of the medicinal Japanese knotweed herb is the commonest source. Derivatives similar to red wine extracts, red grape and grape seed extracts, and alternative plant sources alternate in the amounts of resveratrol.



What are its benefits?

Experimentation shows that the compound can assist as an anti-inflammatory, anticancer, tempered estrogenic, antioxidant, antiplatelet, cholesterol reducing agent, and anti-aging agent. Promotion of the product , however , surpasses the base of clinical research. Studies about the claims on the results of using the product has not yet been approved by the FDA. However , the number of testimonials from folk who are using the product is increasing, and people are very enthusiastic plus are saying good things about it.

Howis it sold?

The FDA has actually refused the requests of many manufacturers to sell the product as a dietary supplement. The FDA claims these products do not have satisfactory evidence that will finally make it evident to be beneficial to humans. However, the product is still sold readily in the market in numerous forms, complexes and formulas offering 1mg to 100mg of resveratrol.

If you want to reap the benefits of this plant chemical, it’s still beneficial to consume fresh fruits and herbs that are loaded in the same compound. Buy yourself fresh grapefruits, peanuts, and other healthy foods instead.

Now you wish to live longer, seem less old, and be healthy, right?

You may do this with Dr. Oz’s extraordinary Life Extension utilizing Resveratrol by Clicking Here Now

Resveratrol is the one for’Anti-Aging’ because it has such a big amount of different elements that aid your health, so you can not fail with Dr Oz’s Resveratrol









Resveratrol Supplements | Dr Oz of Oprah Discusses This Red Wine Extract Miracle Pill! WOW!

YourResveratrolGuide asked: – Resveratrol Supplements Dervied From Antioxidants Found In Red Wine! Dr Oz Discusses The Anti Aging Benefits Of Resveratrol Supplements And How You Can Improve Your Life And Slow Down The Aging Process Today! DrOz

Create a video blog…instantly.


Resveratrol is cool

Michael Jozefiak asked:

RESVERATROL is the latest ‘cool’ discovery in a growing list
of natural antioxidant chemicals produced by our indispensable
neighbours on this planet, plants. Let’s hear it for the plants! When will
we learn that one cannot beat Nature’s systems, evolved over billions of
years, when it comes to fighting disease. Everything wants to be at the
top of the evolutionary pile, to guarantee survival of the species and
survival requires combat, in one way or another.

When humans are well nourished, both physically and spiritually (and I
don’t necessarily mean religion), we can survive most attacks from
invading micro-organisms, but when we are run down we seem to
succumb easily.



And so too with plants. Resveratrol in the grape (Vitis vinifera) is
found in the roots, seeds & stalks but much higher concentrations are
found in the skin of the grape, which protects it against fungal and
micro-organism attacks. Resveratrol is found in much higher quantities in
red wine than in white, due to there being not much if it in the white skins,
which are discarded before vinification; I wonder whether Bacchus
preferred red or white wine?! Maybe he didn’t care!


Other food sources of resveratrol include peanuts and mulberries and it
is found in quite large amounts in the dried roots & stems of the
Japanese Knotweed (Poligonium cuspidatum), obtainable mainly
through health stores. The Japanese Knotweed is commonly used, in
traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, as a tonic for the circulation.

Peanuts contain around 1 micrograms per gram and red grapes about 80
but a glass of red wine storms into the lead with a whopping 600-700
micrograms! That should expunge any guilt next time you visit your wine
shop! “Just following doctor’s orders”!



In fact, the relatively high wine intake amongst the French seems to
reduce incidences of cardiac disease, despite their love of good food.
Though this French Paradox seems to have some admirable health
benefits, it does not seem to protect them against liver disease, which
may be bad news for all of you about to fill up your third glass this
evening. The perceived wisdom amongst scientists who have studied
the beneficial effects of resveratrol say that two glasses daily are
optimum. I can now see people rushing out to buy 1/2 litre glasses – no,
that’s cheating! Ah, what the heck, please yourselves!

Resveratrol also has antiproliferative actions, inhibiting cancer cell and
tumour growth, and is involved in inhibiting an important enzyme in
tumour growth. This clever little compound also reduces deposition of plaques on
blood vessels, stimulates the immune system in fighting cancer, inhibits
oxidisation of LDL-Cholesterol and, if that were not enough, also is a
good anti-inflammatory. Research continues and more beneficial
characteristics are being discovered daily.

ANTI AGING – The Holy Grail

Is there no end to what Resveratrol can do! As well as being a powerful
antioxidant it seem that there is great interest in it’s anti-aging antioxidant
properties. According to an article in The Times. “…”It works by
binding to a class of proteins called sirtuins which regulate the
repair of cells and dramatically boosts their efficiency. Studies have
shown that it has an impressive anti-inflammatory action which, in
animals, has delayed the process of ageing and increased lifespan by up
to 50%.” Just before you rush out to stock up with your favourite
‘Chateau Colostomy’, I would like to point out that tests on mice, fed a
reduced carbohydrate diet, also showed an increase in life span of 50%! The
report doesn’t say if red wine was part of their diet!!

At the end of the day, to my way of thinking, as with everything in Life
moderation is the name of the game. Enjoy a glass or two with your
evening meal while your chat with your family and catch up on
everybody’s daily events. Eat as much organic fruit & vegetables as you
can, take organic food supplements, exercise in moderation and learn to
be at peace with, and love, yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can
you love anyone else?










Resveratrol – Where Can I Buy Resveratrol?

Resveratrol, an essential constituent of red wine is available in isolated forms now.  You need not start drinking redwine just because you want to consume Resveratrol.  You will have to consume huge quantity of red wine any way to get the benefit of Resveratrol.

The alcohol of red wine will simply offset the benefit of this wonder compound if you drink red wine in excess quantity.



This wonder compound was separated from plants way back in 1940s but it did not catch the attention of scientific community until it was found to be the main reason behind French paradox. The standard French diet consists of saturated fat rich food and red wines. Despite heavy consumption of saturated fat, French people do not suffer from heath diseases. This phenomenon is known as French paradox.

Fortunately you can get all the benefits of Resveratrol just by taking it in the form of pills or juice. However care should be taken that you buy the genuine product. Though several brands and verities of this wonder compound are available on the market, you never know which the genuine product is.


Just to avoid this confusion make sure you spend some time on the internet and order the most reliable product on the market. Go for the one that promises all the benefits and gives you a money back guarantee. A manufacturer who is confident of his/her product’s quality will never hesitate to give you money back guarantee. It reverse is also true. A fake product will never come with a guarantee or trial offer.





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