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How to Cure ADHD Naturally

In today’s video I’m going to share with you the foods, supplements, natural treatments, and essential oils for ADHD. I guarantee if you follow these remedies, you’re going to see improvement in focus and reducing ADHD-like symptoms

First, you absolutely want to remove sugar from your diet. Sugar can cause a lack of focus, or hyperactive behavior. Secondly, you want to load up your diet with healthy protein, fat, and fibers. This will keep your blood sugar steady. You will want to have a high, nutrient-dense diet that includes vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, organic meats and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids.

The top supplement you want to include in your diet to treat ADHD is fish oil (500-1000mg daily). Another supplement that can support the nervous system, brain, and focus is vitamin B complex.

Lastly, vetiver and cedarwood essential oils are the most effective essential oils you can use for treating ADHD. Take two drops of each oil and rub them on your neck and temple for improvement on focus. For more information on ADHD, you can check out my article:
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Ur Liv med autism: En blick från Mimmi

“Det tog ju många veckor innan jag kände att jag fick ögonkontakt och när det kommer blir man ju så otroligt glad.” Mimmis Liv med autism berättar om barn oc…
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ADD/ADHD Documentary And How You Can Manage It Better

No copyright infringement intended. COPYRIGHT BIG BRAIN PRODUCTION INC. 2009. The aim for the upload is to help educate people diagnosed with ADD and how the…
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David Anderson is the Seymour Benzer Professor of Biology at Caltech and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. David received an A.B. at Ha…


ADHD – Kenmerken en verschil met ADD In deze animatie leggen we uit wat ADHD is en hoe het verschilt van een andere aandachtsstoornis: AD…
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Dr Russell Barkley - ADHD Emotional Regulation

Dr Russell Barkley, Ph.D giving a lecture on ADHD at The Centre for ADHD/ADD Advocacy Canada (CADDAC). To view the full-length lectures, visit http://www.cad…
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Menschen – das Magazin – Unsichtbare Behinderungen (Asperger Autismus)

Menschen – das Magazin – Unsichtbare Behinderungen Asperger Autismus / Hochfunktionaler Autismus / Asperger Syndrom.
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Question by Rachel: What is the difference between extremely gifted people and people with asperger’s syndrome?
In extremely gifted people, it is normal to have difficulties understanding other’s feelings, having strong interests, being sorted out for speaking the bare truth, and so on. I would like to know were is the turning point were the symptoms are no longer related to the giftedness but indicate a disease like Asperger’s. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Sebastian
Probably where such traits interfere with one’s ability to function in society. Asperger’s Syndrome is complicated, and involves a combination of traits rather than just one “Asperger” trait. There is a sort of spectrum (or so it appears in my experience) that extends beyond the regular autism spectrum, and includes even those we would consider neurotypical. Sometimes apparent traits of asperger’s arise from purely enviornmental factors, in which case it actually has nothing to do with autism. But some people are naturally asperger-like, though just not extreme enough to be diagnosed. And some extremely gifted people are probably just undiagnosed aspies.

To answer your question, perhaps not much.

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Autism Solution: Getting Started With The Son-Rise Program®

Experience an introduction to The Son-Rise Program through this inspiring video. Learn practical tools that you can begin using today, and see examples of th…

Question by Nikki S: Is it possible that the recent autism epidemic is a result of radiation poisoning caused by Chernobyl in 1986?
Now 1 in 150 babies born are later diagnosed with autism or autistic spectrum disorders. The problem seems to have gotten much worse in the early 90s, right when the children born to mothers all around the world who might have been exposed to low levels of radiation during the chernobly incident would have been turning about the right age to show developmental defects.

Best answer:

Answer by Miss_Chievous
Its probably a lot of factors that doctors can’t pinpoint, It could be a genetic predisposition, the increase in people getting vaccinated and the amounts of mercury in the vaccinations, maybe an increase in radiation, increase in chemicals, diet and allergies, the fact that medical science is now able to help babies born prematurely to survive (premies and babies that have a difficult birth are more likely candidates for autism). So there are many theories but no true answer yet.

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