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The original video is from the 2012 Burnett Lecture located here. This is the very end of the 2nd vidoe right before the Q&A

The playlist for the entire lecture and Q&A is located here

This video is from the end of Part 2.

The powerpoint slides are located here

Dr. Barkley has far more info on this subject and more lectures on his website located here


Do You Have ADHD Or Are You Just Hyper?

The number of ADHD cases have skyrocketed since 2004. Are more kids getting ADHD or is this a case of overdiagnosis?

How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous ►►►►

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One in five kids with ADHD diagnosed by doctors improperly

“The CDC report takes an in-depth look at how children with ADHD came to get the label through a survey of 2,976 families. While in the majority of cases health care providers followed American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines when making a diagnosis, there was still a large number of children for whom these practices weren’t followed.”

Sluggish Parents and Their Full-Throttle Offspring

“Steven Lima of Indiana State University knows a lot about the value of parents. He’s an expert on predators and prey. He says that, evolutionarily speaking, energetic children make easy prey.”

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Whether to seek an Asperger’s diagnosis and what to expect after

Whether to seek an Asperger's diagnosis and what to expect after

Some women have expressed concern about seeking an Asperger’s diagnosis and asked me about my thoughts and experiences. I hope this helps!

I am a woman diagnosed with PDD-NOS (I say Asperger’s for simplicity) in my 40’s after a long and confusing journey. I want to help give a voice to undiagnosed and late-diagnosed women on the spectrum as well as those dealing with complex chronic health issues.

I share about Aspergers in women as well as my own story as a female with Aspergers.


How Asperger’s Works

This is how Asperger’s works. Learn more about Defense Mode below:

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Learn how it feels to grow up with Asperger’s (and what we wish we could have told our parents):

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Karen describes the challenges of living with Asperger’s syndrome. She shares personal stories and valuable insights into the often misunderstood condition. She gives some great tips for those who may themselves have Asperger’s Syndrome or may know someone who is an “Aspi”.
About Karen: Karen is an Autism advocate, educator, and mentor. To find out more about her work, please visit:

*Captions are available by clicking “cc” at the bottom right of the screen.


Severe Autism Meltdown. Mother Attempts to Restrain Autistic Daughter from Self-Injury

This is an example of Isabella headed toward a complete Meltdown. This is after all soothing and comfort measures have been tried, the only thing left is to restrain the child from self-injurious behavior. It’s utter torment to a Mother’s heart and soul. Things I do while restraining her. PRAY. SING. Try to distract her into spinning or anything else that helps. The bigger she gets the harder it is to control her. Your arms wear out quick and she’ll bust your lip, nose, etc. I won’t be outdone, though, I’ll become a body-builder first.
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This is Dylan, my 3 year old son. he was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with high functioning autism and adhd. Therapy has not begun yet so any advice or anyone ever experienced behavior like this? Much appreciated thanks!
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A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism
A 7-step Plan To Help Your Child Heal And Recover. Step One Covers Diet Inc. Meal Ideas, Grocery Lists, Recipes. This Diet Forms The Foundation From Which Recovery Can Begin. The Following Steps Detail Other Important Therapies Needed To Assist Healing.
A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism


Síndrome de Asperger: Entrevista Rafael Santandreu

Este síndrome puede caracterizarse porque quienes lo padecen presentas dificultades motoras, déficit de interacción social o problemas con el habla y el lenguaje. Rafael Santandreu, psicólogo y autor de “Las gafas de la Felicidad”, cuenta las claves para tratar con personas que tienen este trastorno relacionado estrechamente con las emociones.

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