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Asperger’s: appearing rude

Asperger's: appearing rude

Just a few of my ‘quirks’ that may make other people perceive me as rude or standoffish.


Caregivers Caught on Camera Abusing Severely-Autistic Man

Warning: Disturbing video: RN nurse caregiver seen gouging autistic patient’s eye, tossing him over wooden headboard and yanking him by hair and slamming him to ground. Other caregiver seen punching, shoving and kicking severely autistic non verbal young man. A total betrayal of trust. RN worked only one night a week. RN’s two son’s also worked with autistic patient, and the sons constantly praised and protected their RN father, as if he were a great guy. Other guy caught on tape seen abusing autistic worked two shifts a week. Abuse is done when autistic man is simply trying to get out of bed to go on a walk or gets up and needs something to drink and the caregivers can’t be bothered…..shocking reality of what every parent should be aware of. We’ve learned the hard way that without video surveillance, we would’ve never known the reality of what was going on. We suspected, but had no proof. It’s horrifying to think what these men were doing before video camera that recorded was installed. As SOON as it was seen on video, we reported it to police. It’s a motion detector camera so police had to spend several days analyzing video before they made arrests. Cuidadores capturados en video abusando hombre autista. infermiera catturato l’uomo autistico video di abusi. sjuksköterska fångat på video missbrukar autistiska människan. nővér fogott video visszaél autista férfi.
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Like Autism Live on Facebook at Autism Mom Shannon Penrod shares a parent?s perspective on using a ?No, No, Prompt? when working with a child on the Autism spectrum. Shannon shares tips to keep in mind both before and during using this strategy to maximize efficiency. Having a child who enjoys being compliant is one of the greatest joys in the world. We can accomplish this with children on the spectrum if we use the proper interventions. Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Tarzana, California, and with offices throughout the United States and around the globe. For more information on therapy for autism and other related disorders, visit the CARD website at See all episodes of Autism Live http Visit Autism Live’s series page
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The Aspie Show – The World of Asperger’s

The Aspie Show - The World of Asperger's

Dr. Frank Gaskill takes his audience to the world of Asperger’s from his point of view. He discusses why he’s interested in Asperger’s and why it’s hard to be an Aspie.
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Adults With ADHD: What Do We Know? What Do They Need?

This is a panel discussion following the documentary “A Mind Like Mine”. The guests include the filmmaker, Karen O’Donnell, Dr. Timothy Bilkey, a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD, and two young adults who have been coping with ADHD since childhood. One is Karen’s son, Kail O’Donnell, and the other is Daniel Desjardins. Both still have ADHD and are coping in different ways with very different outcomes. What accounts for this? Why do we hear so little about adults with ADHD? What is in place to help them in school and in the workplace? How do we help them succeed? For more from
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Dr Russel Barkley talks about ADHD and treatment against the problem. Advantages and disadvantages.
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What is Autism? — Autism Speaks U

See why college students’ involvement with Autism Speaks U is so critical in educating their campus and community. Autism Speaks U works with college students across the country to spread awareness and raise funds for those affected by autism. College students, faculty and alumni can get involved with Autism Speaks U by visiting

Question by Lucid Dreamer: What’s the different between Aspergers syndrome and Autism?
I’ve always known what autism is but until the other day I heard someone say about Aspergers syndrome, the symptoms are pretty much the same. What’s the difference?

Best answer:

Answer by grb9f6
1: Aspergers is a milder condition that is similar to autism in problems with speech abilities. But does not include problems with recognizing social norms, limited range of interests, and conformity of sameness.
2. Aspergers has a hilarious name that never gets not funny, i mean come on Ass Burger, hahaha HILARIOUS!

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Aspergers Syndrome and coping with employment fitting in

How does an Aspie cope in the work place?? Some Aspies will be starting their first outing in employment and maybe they expect to be treated decently. Some will be lucky and will get on with everyone. However it is more likely that you will always come across The Workplace Bully that enjoys making fun of you as you are the office joke etc. Unlike School it is more likely that the Bully will be popular. Probably the office joker the clown the one that really has kept his or her job not because they are intelligent but because they make others laugh. There are no easy answers when it comes to work place bullies. Normally if they have worked their a long time the boss is more likely to get rid of you than them. Especially if they are popular. You can if you are a Man get aggressive if it is another Male but this normally would just get you in trouble. I explain this this video how to cope in your first job or at least keep a job if you have had many. I am no expert and have been through all manner of crap whilst in the work place. But at least this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Question by citygal: What can I do to treat my Aspergers Syndrome?
I am 21 and was just diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. What can I do to help myself act more “normal” in social situations? I tend to look down when people are speaking to me, and have one – sided conversations on subjects I know a lot about and a talk to much. How can I help myself overcome a little bit of this?

Best answer:

Answer by ♀♀ Mileena
You don’t need to. Just embrace it. I have it and i LOVE it… I can create other selves… entertain myself 24/7… it’s also the reason everyone thinks i’m gonna be a great writer some day, and i’m determined to. I have a split personality because of it, but it’s not bad.

If you really want to treat it, there is no cure, there is medicine that treats SOME of the symptoms…
I recomend… Fluoxetine HCL… or perhaps Prozac… ask ur doctor. (u have to anyways, their perscription)

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