www.whatisaspergersvideo.org – This video features 26 young people from around the world with Aspergers Syndrome (with names from AZ) and highlights their positive and amazing qualities. The aim of this video is to help raise the profile of children with Aspergers around the world and outline the unique and positive qualities that each and every child has. So please share this video (via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you can) with friends, colleagues, autism organisations and anyone else that you feel may be interested. Thanks for watching, Dave Angel
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Signs Of Asperger Syndrome in children for parents and teachers

DR IAN CORBAN – WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF ASPERGER SYNDROME IN CHILDREN. aspergers child boy girl pupil student emotion social communication obsession imagination support awareness impact typical attwood class school classroom imagination
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Question by jo: What are the physical boundaries of someone with Asperger Syndrome?
My friend has Asperger Syndrome and I didn’t know until just recently. The thing is, I like my friend in a romantic way and I want to show him that, but I don’t want to make him uncomfortable. How do I get across to him that I want to get to know him better in a romantic way and what would be the typical boundaries I would need to stay behind?

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Answer by Jui©ebox.
I would be yourself.

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