This is test #1 and it’s for Asperger’s. The test stated i have asperger’s, ocd, add/adhd and dyspraxia whatever that is. Further investigation is needed!! Oh i should say i am not diagnosing myself and a ‘real’ doctor should be the one to diagnose you :pi DO have a lot of the ‘symptoms’ and ‘quirks’ so i thought i had it till i was assessed and found not to have it. the test is located here – i ‘have’ been assessed for asperger’s by a real doctor (and not the internet) and she states my cognitive and sensory profiles are not consistent with asperger’s syndrome/my sensory profile resembles profiles of individuals who have clinical anxiety”. some more tidbits found during the assessment; i have a significant difference between my verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning. in favor of visual perceptual skills. i lack the ability to reason in words. i am good with perceptual reasoning but horrible with my processing speed. i have poor vocabulary skills. i have difficulties expressing myself in words. my nonverbal reasoning abilities are in the high average range. i am good with finding missing details in pictures and putting puzzles together. i am a good visual learner. my working memory is in the average range but i have a big problem trying to do mental math. my performance in digit/symbol correspondence and symbol matching is well below average. below average visual scanning ability. and basically i just have difficulty with information processing. also
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Hi there everyone I am going to be uploading 2 quality videos a week and that is all. This particular one I am very proud of as it is to help anyone in a relationship who is either Aspergers or is a partner of an Aspie to try and understand what makes them tick and hopefully will save the relationship should it be spiralling out of control. I am old school and always put 100% into a relationship but there comes a time when you realise you are fighting a losing battle. If you find it hard to communicate or you just seem to get on each others nerves then its time to sit down and talk. In these practical steps I explain why an Aspie can appear difficult. Why explaining things in more detail can stop a lot of melt downs. How practical steps can avoid problems in the future. This is sort of an amalgamation of a lot of my videos in the past about relationships. But now I can look on it with more humour rather than be as serious as I was and bitter in the past. A lot of the relationship advise I gave was stemming from my own experiences. If they were negative then that came out in the videos and that would not help anyone. With Aspergers or Autistic Related Disorders a lot of allowances must be made for the relationship to work. If you are not prepared to make them then you may as well give up and find some NT that meets your requirements. Relationships are hard work. Unless you are on a film set with an actor or actress relationships will always be hard work. Anyone can pretend
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