The Advertising Council, in partnership with Autism Speaks, launched an innovative public service advertisements (PSA) featuring renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The PSAs are designed to help raise awareness about autism and to encourage the public to learn the early warning signs of a disorder that now affects one in every 88 American children. Learn more at
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Institutionally Deemed by State Agencies and Considered a Hopeless and Complex Case, Severely-Autistic Adult with Self-Injurious Behavior Proves Perseverance, Love and Proper Support Pays Off. Not a “cure” story. SUCCESS showed here is measured by the loving efforts of family and Disability Right’s Attorneys involved in protecting this severely-autistic adult from ending up in one of California’s dangerous and corrupt State Developmental Centers.autisme wereld voorlichting maand אוטיזם בעולם המודעות חודש दुनिया आत्मकेंद्रित जागरूकता माह Giornata Mondiale della Consapevolezza dell´Autismo
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Question by Stacy A: How long does it take to make a proper autism evaluation?
My brother has gone to 3 evaluations (all of which have lasted no more than a half hour) and has been diagnosed with a minor, minor case of autism. I really don’t think this is enough time to get to know a child and make a proper diagnosis.

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Answer by Klay
No that sure doesn’t. I have autism (got diagnosed at 17), but the evaluation was 2 1/2 hours

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