A 25 question Asperger’s quiz to help you find out weather or not you or a friend/loved one has Asperger’s syndrome. these questions are not guaranteed to confirm that you have or don,t have Asperger’s,but if your ways of thinking and acting are similar or the same as the Asperger’s characteristics there’s a good chance you could have Asperger’s. whether your ways of thinking/acting match all the questions or none of the questions this video will not promote a diagnoses,nor will it confirm that you do/don,t have Asperger’s but it will make you think hard about the way that you or someone else acts/socializes/thinks/copes with stress. and it will help raise questions to doctors that could lead to a confirmed diagnosis.

12 year old with Aspergers speaks up

Dean Aviram is 12 years old and has Asperger’s Syndrome. In this short video he speaks his mind. Dean is a remarkable person with a unique perspective.
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Question by : How long do most Asperger’s kids have tantrums?
I was just wondering because I’m reading Jodi Picoult’s House Rules (which, I’m aware, unrealistically depicts Asperger’s) and the main character has tantrums at eighteen. I’ve looked online and it says kids with Asperger’s have temper tantrums longer than most kids but… Eighteen? Isn’t that more severe autism?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Larry Sanders
my brother has it and he is 19 and he still throws tantrums. they lack the skills to effictivly express emotions

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