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How a joint pain remedy is curing my arthritis pain without killing me. www.provailen.com This is my personal story about how i had an accident 20 years ago. I have had 3 spinal surgeries, 3 knee surgeries and i have lots of arthritis issues. I have been taking about 10 different prescription meds, celibrix or celebra my anti-inflammatory medication, vicodin and tramadol for pain, flexeril and soma for muscle relaxers. I have taken these specific meds or similar for about 20 years now, about 8 month ago I woke up with a bleeding stomach ulcer and was vomiting blood. I then had to go see a gastroenterologist, besides my normal orthopedic doctor, i then received Tagament, Peptcin something and Famotidine now i also always had a bottle of tums and the pink stuff peto bismol to fight the late night indigestion. 90 days or so after i was on all this stuff for my stomach, and back and knee i cold not sleep. Imagine i now also have Insomnia and after weeks of virtually no sleep doctor prescribed Ambien a sleeping pill. What really shook me up was when my orthopedic doctor had me doing liver tests every 60 days to monitor my liver, I was told of the problems of anti-inflammatory but honestly I did not think they could be that serious. Now looking back and looking at the cocktail of medications i was on you can tell it would eventually get me. Well liver test in, doctor tells me i have to get off meds or risk permanent liver damage to the point i might need a liver transplant. I
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