Arthritis Onslaught is my longest series to date. It started with AO1 on 7/7/07 and here we are on 12/12/12 with Part 6, the final chapter. Never in my life have I put forth so much effort towards a project. All in all I probably spent over 80 hours filming and editing throughout this past month. I detached myself from a social life and worked day and night planning this and thinking of new ideas/directions. I was lucky enough to have an all star team who believes in me enough to follow me into my crazy world. I wouldn’t have this video done the way I wanted if it wasn’t for all these people who took part in this production. My girlfriend has shown an infinite supply of patience even when all I could talk about was AO6. So even when we did find the time to be together, my mind was in a million places. She helped with the dolly, ideas for specific shots AND the steadicam. I wouldn’t want any other woman in my corner. I’m extremely lucky to have attracted this amazing human being. I applaud her for continuing to help me and encourage me any way she could. I owe her some major date nights to make up for my mental and physical absence. My cousin Jason who is more of a brother to me took the time out of his life to film around 10-12 hours worth of solid footage with me. He held the steadicam pretty much all the way through without complaining. I am very lucky to have him in my family tree. We were best friends growing up and AO6 brought us closer once again. He also had part
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