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28 Ways To Get Rid Of Inflammation and Joint Pain – Saturday Strategy

You’ve all heard of inflammation… some of you may have even experienced chronic – painful – inflammation first hand. I know I have before and I am here to tell you, my friend, it’s not fun!

But why does this happen? How can you help yourself heal from within? Are there foods you can eat and others to avoid?

The simple answer is: YES! Absolutely! 100%!

When provided the right tools and making the decision to implement them, we have the ability to heal ourselves – and yes, that includes you!

So where can you start?

Well, you can – and you should – start with where you’re at.

Where you are on your journey is different than someone else, so focus on YOU and what will work for your personal path towards health and happiness.

Begin by removing the foods not serving your highest self (which are included in this weeks Saturday Strategy video) and begin incorporating more of the GOOD stuff – that includes tools for all aspects of your health – mind, body and spirit.

Commit to cleaning up your environment and clearing the clutter. The junk.

Detox daily using movement, nutrient-dense REAL food and mindset.

Focus on the amazing ability you have within you to heal and thrive. Find gratitude in your own process, knowing that you’re doing this for YOU and the benefit of those around you.

Inflammation is normal, my friend. It’s even healthy! But when it spirals out of control, becoming chronic, it causes pain, swelling and heat, ultimately leading to illness and disease. Stop chronic inflammation in it’s tracks and reclaim your health, once and for all!,,20705881,00.html

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Exercises for feet, hands, joints and abdominal areas. A relaxing exercise for fingers of both hands and feet. The exercises include ‘butterfly’ and ‘grinding’

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